Brian Mulroney weighs in on the state of Canadian politics

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney discusses Canada's place on the world stage and House Democrats approving the new NAFTA deal.

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  1. When we say that we want a pristine environment, we mean the water and the air. It would actually be nice if Canada were a few degrees warmer.

    1. Mike Smith if Canada were a few degrees warmer, our entire ecosystem would die. It’s already dying because the herding animals are gone.

    2. ​@John & Jane Smith No, the ecosystem will not ‘die’. In general, more heat results in more primary production and more food for herbivores which results in more for carnivores.

    1. Larry − Where did I dispute that the GST was introduced by the tories? And yes, it replaced the MST, which I did mention. It did only apply to goods, however, for 99% of service providers, you need goods. Even a house cleaner needs to buy goods to provide a cleaning service. The price was passed on to the consumer, but it was a hidden tax. Boy, you are one DEMENTED dude.

    2. ps, I have travelled to several foreign countries, and no, not every nation has a sticker for excise taxes. The United States, for instance, does not.

      In addition, in a lot of countries, the tax can sometimes be included in the cost of the item and not added at the cash register. This is especially true in countries where there is a lot of bargaining and street vendors – Mexico, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Panama, etc.

    3. @cοnjureup I am talking about the trade business.
      The gst that had to be added to every small business . To every plumber, electrician etc working as subcontractors that somehow had to pay xtra and pay a bookkeeper. Manny business didn’t survive the transition that was badly implemented a favouvared big corporations and foreign investors.

  2. We’ve seen leadership on Climate Change. Canada should be selling it’s ethical cleaner energy to counties still burning animal dung and still using inefficient coal burning plants.

  3. Ironic that Australia came dead last in terms of carbon emissions reductions, when you consider that they′ve spent billions on renewable energy, adding more than twice the watts per person per year than Germany in 2018, and almost triple that of Germany in 2019 costing the government (the taxpayers) $ 30 billion in just those past two years alone. That does not include the $ 200 charge on EVERY power bill to subsidize rooftop solar for those who have panels, being paid for by everyone − even by those who cannot afford to install them.

    1. cοnjureup Also this so called green energy is not green if you research it. Wind turbines and solar are actually very dirty.

    2. Lillian − Tell me about it. Child labor in poor countries is being used to take apart used solar panels, exposing them to dangerous chemicals and elements (which never lose their toxicity). That is precisely why I use the term ʹrenewableʹ energy, and not ʹgreenʹ energy. Those massive hydroelectric dams are hardly ʹgreenʹ either − turns out that if the hydro projects in Quebec were subject to the same environmental and consultative scrutiny that oil + gas projects were held to today, they would never get built. I should try to find the doc on that, it is worth a re‐watch.

  4. Having a pristine environment is great, but not at the expense of the economy. You won’t have any grand kids to pass anything onto if you can’t afford to even have kids in the first place.

    1. There’s a bright side to that. At least your politicians are stronger than the Republican Party in the states

    1. @Gord D ontario and quebec will have to start working, no money coming in means no money going out.
      Simple math!
      Quebec can suck tree stumps.

    2. Please do separate and base your little country on the whims of fossil fuel oligarchs. Anyone as stupid as you deserves it.

    3. @jon smith Ontario is working and has a strong economy, that’s why Alberta wants our money. Go ahead and separate. All Quebec wants is everyone else’s money. So please take them with you. Ontario does not need Alberta or Quebec.

    4. @Gord D alberta doesnt need anybody! All you do is take and raise power bills.
      Been there, done that, dont care!
      How much does it cost there ti fill up?

    5. @jon smith I paid 99 cents per letre yesterday. Get your facts straight. I like I said….GO. No one in Ontario will miss Alberta.

  5. At 1.6% of global emissions it is crystal clear any changes in Canada are useless. the “grand plan” better address what Canada is doing towards getting India and China to reduce emissions by exporting cleaner burning energy sources…

  6. Canadas system is a travesty of democracy and will remain so until the complete and utter abolishment of the Crown and Monarchy happens. Until that we are no better off than China.

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