1. @Angela Mathys Not being able to find a decent job has nothing to do with laziness. If the jobs created are minimum wage jobs that replace lost higher paying manufacturing jobs then people have no choice but to take multiple jobs to make ends meet.

    2. @Brian Barton I am brainwashed, really.
      *sigh* I just broke my first rule, don’t argue with stupid. They do not have a mind to change and you will lose yours.
      Goodnight everybody.

    1. @Mike Litoris you want to give DAVE a pounding? Run Dave, after Mr. C-litoris is done with his sister he is coming after you.

    2. @Mike Litoris what are you going to do in twenty years time when you realize you are the minority race thats going to hurt

    1. no you fucking moron. he took that guy out because he has been killing Americans. Trump is welcoming this shame impeachment. the dumbassocrats will start falling like dominos once it gets into the Senate. #TRUMPPENCE2020

    2. @Terry Hawkins lmao. #snowflakemirroreffect the only racist and corruption is on the left, along with CNN, MSNBC. not the republicans. you watch this fake news bullshit way too much.

    3. Trump is the president today, will be tomorrow, when u wake up . And 12 months later, with a bigger margin.

      Impeachment to trump is like a teenage girls slumber party, lots of feathers flying around and noises, but in the end, he knows u have to clean up and go back to real life the next day and see him, still there !.

      lib turds like u get excited about impeachment and that’s why, Pelosi won’t release the articles.

      if she does that, the drama will be over and she would have to invent another nothing burger for u lib turdians
      So we are happy for her to keep waving and flashing the articles around but not actually sending them ,so that u can keep talking about it over and over again.

      Pelosi knows, u need the drama,just like little girls. it keeps lib turds like u continually fantasizing about trump .

      So enjoy the slumber party and fantasy while it last .
      When u wake up Tom, Trump is still the president , even pelosi knows that.

    4. There was ALWAYS ZERO chance Trump would be removed by a Senate vote. So you’re basically just parroting a tired old line.

  1. The interview is prescripted. Listen to how she asks her questions. They’re phrased & issued like prompts, not investigations.

    #ObtuseLaura is part of a propaganda machine, not a news outlet following journalistic standards

    1. CNN pays airports to have their shows on all of the TV’s across the globe.
      FACT! Cannot be debunked. So that makes their ratings ever lower…….which is nearly impossible LOL!

    2. Of Course they prepare him for questions & they ask sloooowly. He could never half azz answer their way if he was not prepared & he still tells whoppers. Cult Trump needs an intervention.

  2. Trump: “They were dishonest. I mean really dishonest” and I know a dishonest person when I see one. I’m the best dishonest person.

    1. CNN is run by globalist effeminate beta male cucks and barron lesbians, funded by Nazi collaborators and the Clinton foundation!

    2. Sounds like the same words that were used by all the scholars and witnesses during the Impeachnent procedures. lol

    3. @John O Thats never going to happen again in your life time sorry to say🤦‍♂️
      Trump for the next 5years
      Republicans for the next 20 years
      Thanks to the Democrats 👌

    1. BALD Double Chin CNN Anchor Nodoing/Wagging his head trying create Fake out of inferd truth! Thats Brain The Weasel!

    1. Anthony Bell how does he form his beliefs and more importantly his decision making if not from his intelligence staff?? He can’t weasel his way out like the rest of us by simply adding a “I believe” disclaimer. Only a person with his IQ will accept this “logic”

    1. Beet Oven – Not only do they ingest the propaganda. They believe the propaganda and repeat the propaganda. The Democrats
      act like the Nazis.

    2. Leakers Ha! that the Dem Rats a national security risk!
      Intelligence not going to state exact targets and when and where!
      that depends on window of opportunity one infers the targets!
      As with the opportunity window with whacking for General of Terror.
      By By Dem Rats! Rebuild with integrity! for 2024

    1. If I’m making stuff up (bullshittin) we both know it. If I’m lying you aren’t supposed to know. You leftwingers are dense as bricks

    2. Coup News Network – Always making something up and telling a lies! Nothing New!
      Intelligence not going to state exact targets and when and where!
      that depends on window of opportunity one infers the targets!
      As with opportunity window with whacking General of Terror. Dem Rats! Rebuild with integrity!

  3. “Obama tapped my phones”
    “I had the biggest Inauguration crowd”
    “I’ve given the military bigger pay raises than Obama”
    “I can’t go to Vietnam because of bone spurs”

    1. Oh and… Hillary and the DNC purchase of the fake dossier along w the FBI helping the whole FISA court thing…there’s the real making America great again crowd.

  4. That’s one hell of a parting you’ve got there Stelter !……………………….You need to contact the Blackrock hair restoration place in Dublin

    1. CNN viewers don’t. CNN viewers believe whatever CNN says. 9% of CNN viewers left in 2019. More will leave in 2020 as they wake up and realize CNN is owned and opperated by the deep state.

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