1. It won’t. By the time this is “history” no one will be able to read or exercise critical thinking skills.

    1. Robert Clawson
      And remember Republicans as brain-dead morons who got in by cheating and /or name recognition like Reagan,
      The little Bush boy, and Trump.

    2. @Christmas Lore Biden is weak with more corruption & sexual assault scandals than anyone in D.C. he’s currently under criminal investigation in Ukraine in relation to his firing of Shokin and illegal quid pro, recording released show th prosecutor was not corrupt as Biden claimed & was fired in order for porishenko to get th billion $$$ loan guarantee. Biden is going down, trump will b seen as a hero, 2020 beckons…..

    1. robinsss
      Yeah , 50 Governors opposed to one psycho president! Of course. Let’s believe the psycho!

    2. Stone Cold
      You sorry MAGGOTS fall
      way short of patriots.
      Parrots, maybe. But definitely not patriots!

    3. @TC Talk What is scary is that people still follow and listen to this incompetent president. No one needs to tell you, all you have to do is listen to him.

    4. Claudia Paniagua yeah, I feel really comfortable listening to Biden lol. At least trump is sane. Thinking about him being president is way more scary than anything trump says/does. Geez he didn’t even want to close the borders to China when trump did in January. Called him xenophobic. So scared of being called a racist joe would’ve just continued to let thousands of people come here from China every day. Imagine the carnage. You think this is bad. You should be thanking trump bc he had the balls to do it. Biden’s cowardice would have cost millions of lives. There nothing you can say that would compare to that disastrous take.

    1. @Raul Dominguez here’s the difference, you don’t like Trump because of futile reasons like him being mean to others. However you don’t like CNN because they’re actually harmful liars who only really want to create rage for clicks. Think about it.

    2. @Dorientje Woller you mean the messenger that is lying about who’s responsible for not handling corona virus well? Like New York governor for example? Wake up.

    1. @denise lewis No one asked for the opinion of woman. get back in the kitchen and wait to be given an opinion before you speak again.

    2. @The Great Anointed Lord Trump. Biden, is that you? Please spare us more of your racist musings.

    1. @Brendo Xd

      If u mean by John Hopkins University????? I think u mean this site CHICKEN NOODLE NEWS

  2. I can’t watch the doughboy now with out expecting the Mark Dice voice over. ….and that he will start crying at any moment.

  3. It will be remembered as the moment when the leftist media could sell sand in the Sahara because the consumers it sells to are such tremendous and irreparable idiots.

  4. When i look at the U.S now , i see more and more similarities with the movie  ”Idiocracy”
    Man you guys have taken a turn for the worse lately.

    1. We started down that road back in the 1960s when the Progs/Communists took over the school system. They wanted to create a permanent social class of idiots that would be easy to rule over. Problem is that those idiots also went into politics and Media. Look at that fool that run Twitter as a prime example. That guy is a nincompoop.

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