British man becomes viral sensation after interview with CNN 1

British man becomes viral sensation after interview with CNN


CNN's Cyril Vanier catches up with 91-year-old Martin Kenyon, who became an overnight sensation after speaking to CNN when he took his first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine at Guys Hospital in London. #CNN #News


    1. 6 hours ago you commented wrong video. 6 hours later still wrong video, which begs the question – does any CNN staff member or their immediate or extended family or their friends or aquantainces look at CNN videos. If no, then why am I here?

    1. @Christopher Colon You watch some really stupid channels! *_Seriously! Turley_* C’mon, look for someone who is at least credible if you going to try to sell this bullshit!

    2. @M Hall
      Awe…look at that. No facts, just insults.
      *Ad Homienum Attacks.* *_I imagine you’ll have to look that up on Google!_*
      Why is it all you Trumparrots always go for the CNN attack? Should we all be watching Newsmax, Fox News, or OAN to get our daily *-LIES-* I mean News? It’s obvious from your comments, that you are unable to think for yourself.
      *_It’s great that the US voted for Biden so they can get rid of the Lying Grifter pandemic ignorer Trump!_*

    1. ​@nsumlar Can’t even tell the difference between commonly used shorthand and a corporation’s name with your comment. Admittedly, it’s mostly right wingers who talk about “M”ain “S”tream “M”edia, but you still look silly here.

  1. Something about seeing people get vaccinated every day on the news seems weird to me but at the same time I understand it

    1. @Carolyn Moore
      Apparently, you are not aware there is a UK travel ban in the US. The only people traveling into the US are American citizens coming in from the UK. Before getting on the plane, they are temperature checked and must quarantine. This is what Dr. Fauci was referring to…

      *What Dr. Fauci Said about UK Travel*
      *_”The U.S. should without a doubt keep an eye on it, but we don’t want to overreact.”_*
      *_”Follow it carefully, but don’t overreact to it,” he added._*
      Sounds very reasonable to me to not panic, so what’s your issue with Dr. Fauci?
      – Are you an *Infectious Disease Expert?*
      – Do you have over 50 years of experience in Infectious Diseases?
      – If Trump listened from the beginning, and not ignored this pandemic to go , the pandemic would not have taken over 300,000 lives.
      – Dr. Fauci predicted this second wave was going to be this bad if Trump didn’t do something and here you are!
      It’s Trump you should be angry with for ignoring this pandemic that has killed over 300,000 and all the baseless Voter Fraud crap so he can continue to Grift his supporters to fill his pockets!

    2. Yes. The level of stupidity in this country has reached a level where people need to be treated like children. SMFH

    1. @Beijing Biden Yea it is and add pedophilia to the list,Trump not only celebrated Epstein when he visited Mar-A-Largo he was also introduced to fourteen year old girls.

    2. Yall bout to get what you voted for so don’t b*@!# when Trump is out Number one, you’ll be locked down, number two, the covid relief bill was not about the American people, number three you’re all pawnz!

    1. At least you realized it at 80%… I went through the whole dang video in hopes that our British man would show up.

  2. Clinician: “…just a little prick.” Fauci: “I know, but he’s still our president until January”

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