Britney Spears' father will no longer have sole control over her finances 1

Britney Spears’ father will no longer have sole control over her finances


Alan Cross has the latest on the bid by Britney Spears' father to retain full conservatorship powers over the pop star's finances.

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    1. that he’s still a conservator? there’s now 3 conservators that control her finances, including a trust company now too.

  1. If her father REALLY cared about her “well being”, than he would step down and let the professionals take over. Greed is a terrible thing

    1. Letting the “professionals take over” is the worst thing she could do!! They are just money grabbing cockroaches

  2. She is a 40 year old grown child
    who required help because she was incapable of dealing with real life. But of course a father who was doing what he could to keep her from continuing to act reckless and out of control is the one who is in the wrong.

  3. She’s almost 40. This happened because she fell apart and broke down. Let this be a lesson to all: _children are NOT adults and NOT meant to be celebrities, they should NOT be rich and famous._ ¬_¬

  4. Who better than dad to look out for his girl. the trust will steal, that is what they do. she is worse off now.

  5. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Really? The world is in a mess and this story makes news? Get your priorities in order!

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