Broken promises: Won’t anyone sign the £350m Brexit cheque?

Broken promises: Won't anyone sign the £350m Brexit cheque? 1


The Leave campaign promised £350m extra for the NHS after Brexit. But can Sky's Darren McCaffrey find anyone at the Tory party conference to sign his health service cheque?

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17 Comments on "Broken promises: Won’t anyone sign the £350m Brexit cheque?"

  1. That’s a pretty dumb stunt

  2. We haven’t left yet.

  3. Daniel Munter | October 4, 2016 at 4:16 AM | Reply

    I thought the people in power can decide where the money goes not an actual
    campaign lol sky Jews fail

  4. Absolutely pointless and pathetic, we are still paying for and remaining in
    the EU for at least another 2 years.

  5. Nice attempt at journalism, better luck next time cuck

  6. SKY News propoganda. We will still be a member of the EU for at least 2

  7. prime example of how money would be wasted under lib dem influence, pay a
    “reporter” to piss about all day instead of “patronising” or at the bare
    minimum “questioning” these acclaimed “liars” regarding pledges and
    promises which I’m sure were on a clear point SUGGESTIONS as the best way
    to put it.
    anyhow sack this guy and hire someone to take part in a real assignment
    that matters In our little British political debacle because of forced
    socialism and neoliberalism as well as ill education that out PM wants to
    try and rectify to stop childish name calling and rather special
    superiority some feel is necessary to possess, London possessing the
    biggest portion of these such delirious beings lol

  8. BRexit … What the Scot Tory’s said before the referendum

  9. They lied about the money going to the NHS. It never will happen, the only
    ‘meaningless stunt’ is Boris Johnson.

  10. butterfflyess | October 4, 2016 at 9:07 AM | Reply

    LOL Boris sounds grumpy

  11. Michael Smitten | October 4, 2016 at 11:45 AM | Reply

    More disgusting media mischief. Nobody could ever promise £350 million for
    NHS. The situation was that EU membership COSTs the UK £350M and it could
    be spent on the NHS. But Sky and all the rest won’t let facts get in the
    way of a good story, plus, to the disgrace of the once proud British, the
    idiots now believe the media.

  12. kek’d xd

  13. For a start we are still in the EU so this was pointless, Second they will
    never get 350 million but I am sure they will get more funding, and with
    less strain of EU nationals on the NHS will mean better treatment for
    British Citizens, We should how ever provide life threatening care to
    anyone who needs it, But I am afraid if none British Citizens need care
    they will need to have insurance, just like we are asked to get when
    leaving our homes to visit places in the world.

  14. THEYRE STILL TRYING TOO DIVIDE US!!!!!!!!!! well they will not succeed

  15. Ever since the referendum the Media in the UK has taken a series blow in
    credibility absolute joke at times.

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