Brothers Alleges Police Brutality | TVJ News - August 9 2021 1

Brothers Alleges Police Brutality | TVJ News – August 9 2021


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  1. I’m concerned that the investigation being launched, if done internally will be designed to acquit the police of any wrong doing here.

  2. Its time crooked Andrew Holdness install body cameras on his officers, too many reports of police misconduct and all we hear is “under investigation ”
    This administration is sleeping at the wheel, I don’t care for any political party but is it only I, suspect a lot of foolishness going on under Cheng, Anderson and Holdness rule.

    1. Ikr! They’re always saying “it’s under investigation” with the hope that we all forget about it….

  3. Some of these police officers think that they are way above the law and citizens have no right to speak. Why should they abuse and disrespect citizens and we just keep our mouths shut, No Way!! Some of u female officers are showing off and abusing your powers because u are around your male colleagues. You all need to stop it. Go and look for your criminal friends and leave decent citizens alone.

  4. They tell the police that they waiting on trans. So if the police really wanted to help them then take them home not lock them up.

    1. Majority of the time all these police wanted is us to give them money, so they’re happy with the government passing these law it give them more strength

  5. Equal rights and justice, every police station must have cameras. Ruthless criminals are out there roaming the streets free. While police officers doing little or nothing about it

  6. I believe the brothers these officers are unprofessional fi true they believe that everyone they come in contact with are low life vagabonds

  7. Police are liars and love to abuse their power. Most Jamaican police love to talk down to people and abuse people verbally. I know these youghs from UWI days and they are not trouble makers

  8. I do believe the young men. I have had to interact with police at a police station on two different occasions and found them to be VERY unprofessional. And I was not at the station for breaking any laws, I was filing reports for lost documents. Perhaps they were annoyed with me for losing the documents, but whatever, they were very unprofessional. SMH

  9. Jamaica’s dutty police still dutty! How can they order law abiding tax paying citizens from a public building where they have a right to be? We have too many cops who enforce their feelings and not law. Get rid of all feelings police!

  10. Criminals roaming the streets of Jamaica with impunity and these officers find time to abusing ordinary citizens? What a shame on the jcf

  11. I believe this lady, most of the Jamaican Police them have no respect at all they don’t know how to deal with people and to me is like when u been respectful to them is that time them chose to disrespect u, again some of them is very rude but God is going to deal with them trust me.

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