Brothers sob as they see their parents in person after 22 years | Humankind

You're never too old to want your mama. 🥺
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The Rodriguez brothers left Mexico for the U.S. decades ago without their parents. Now they're reuniting after 22 years.

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    1. @Pete C
      That is not the definition of racist or racism. Perhaps you should google the word. You’ll probably find your picture there! 😆

    2. @P Watson it is. Because normal people treat everyone as equal. Only racists always think in color and race all the time.

    3. @Pete C how is that Pete? You don’t see the left starting groups like ‘the proud boys, skin heads and the kkk it’s all the right.’ Remember this Pete the righters is not right the left is on the quest for goodness sake.

    4. @Mister Wiggles proud boys didn’t burn and loot cities for 10 months. Dems are kkk because it’s that party that started it. Also hateler was a lefty, not a righty. Nice try though, sane people don’t think of people as colors or race, only your side does.

    1. @P Watson so that’s the only way to be successful in Mexico these guys have no respect for Americans they didn’t even bother to learn English they probably don’t pay taxes either

    2. @Julian Martinez
      The only way YOU can be successful! Why would you automatically assume they are undocumented? And who says they can’t speak English? And they probably pay more taxes than trump and Elon Musk!

    3. @P Watson I hate to see Hispanic ppl hating on each other. I just don’t understand it. Like that was your Great-Grandfather once upon a time. No matter how they got here Grandfather or recent, they all came for a better life. I notice that some Mexicans from Texas seem to have adopted the attitude & views of the Republican/Maga,White ppl there. Here in Southern Cali I don’t see that. The opposite. I think they do it to assimilate. Which has been a historic thing with immigrants & Black ppl. Sad

  1. Saying “moved to US”
    Did that mean illegally?
    Because if legal, you could get your parents a visitors visa or you could go see them.
    My grandparents came legally and that’s how we did it.
    I hope this family did the same, if not – the distance between the families is criminal justice – it always catches up with you one way or another.

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