Brown’s Town Taxi Operators Still On Strike | Cop Charged for Rape | TVJ Midday News

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  1. I think the Jamaicans government must provide public transportation for the need of the Jamaicans people because these taxi operators are taking it too far when they are the ones who doesn’t want to use the road code properly and fallow the rules.
    Those are the same people who crying for help and yet the same who ruined their country period.

  2. How must the other colleagues be released and they all took part in kidnapping the young girl and raping her? That’s I say repent ye nations no justice is in the land by mankind. That’s wickedness.😔

    1. I was wondering to myself what is really happening, the police force and Jamaica really water down, trust me. The law is, if four persons should go on a robbery, if three go in the store and one stay in the car as the look out and the drivers. Now they all got caught they all should be charged right across the board because as long as you have knowledge of the crime and do nothing to stop it, then you are guilty. I don’t know how those others were released.

    2. @Talktruthpodclass there is no justice in mankind and there will never be. They heart cold and heartless and they shall waxed worst.🙏🏽🙇🏽‍♀️📖

  3. Because it not affecting the majority of the public no one don’t care about the taxi men but as soon as they strike everyone is finally understand their plight

  4. The unrest of the country by the Government is serious and impacting national and international interests, efforts and economy..

  5. BIG QUESTION, Why is the media TVJ, CVM, NATIONWIDE, IRE FM not calling ANDREW HOLNESS out for the caos in the country.

  6. Those police officers’ faces should be all over the media.
    The media houses are to be blamed for not doing their job, their news are not credible. Smh
    But then again, no one in Jamaica does their job.😮‍💨

  7. That’s one thing I’m not in agreement with when you burn the stuff in the Road and mash it up later you blame politicians and you are the ones doing it

    1. You don’t understand it’s all have to do with politics. If you are with this government, you wouldn’t out there, and the same would go with the other one

  8. These unruly operators want people to bow at their careless driving. They know why they are doing that they are in influenced by they know who Yes man let the one whatever they name continue. The One Taxi Association should be telling the drivers to drive more carefully on the road. Even though the New Act is in Place you must see them.on the road.Omw

  9. Jamaican over all need a Good dose of jesus in their soul, police corrupt, political figures and the children are living by the example we set for them. Anyways am 48 and from I was in school I witnessed fight took place almost everyday ,the differences back then and now was no cell phone or media.may God help us as a nation to change our vile ways

  10. JA needs a bus service in all parishes, the taxis service should not only be the source of transportation to get people and school children to were they want to travel to, it’s not good enough.

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    2. Exactly I wish We had JUTC in the entire island that way, even if the bus and taxis strike igneous be of no consequence

  11. Them need to let all these taxi man to go back and sit the driving book test because most of them didn’t pass a written test

  12. Schools in Jamaica should have school buses to transport their children to and from school safely in Jamaica.

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