Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin under sedation in critical condition after collapsing

CNN's Adrienne Broaddus reports from Ohio on the condition of NFL player Damar Hamlin.

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    1. Are you serious??? You can restart the heart by compressions… so dont you think you can stop it by hitting the right place at the right time?? Do a little research on the subject.

    1. Yep , I figure they are going to have PTSD and be afraid to play , tackle, get hit after witnessing this . Going to mess up the minds of the Bills and Bengals. They might as well end their season now…

  1. I just want to let anyone who’s reading this, and going through a tough time know that it’s going to be okay. You’ll get through it! ✨

  2. Never saw this young kids to young athletes in my entire life! Insurance companies seeing 163% increase in payouts health insurance

    1. You can stop the heart hitting the chest in between beats. Commotio cordis, look it up. Its been around longggggg before vaccines. 🀣🀣

  3. I hope he survives and recovers from it. That is all I care about at the moment, not the game itself at all

  4. See. Kaepernick was right about the NFL. Glad to see ya’ll takin that knee now. That’s Respect.

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