‘Built to win?’: Former Que. premier Jean Charest enters the CPC Leadership race

Conservative strategists Tasha Kheiriddin and Brad Trost discuss Jean Charest's entry into the Conservative leadership race.

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  1. Charest, why is it now that you have decided to dedicate yourself to fight these issues? Poilievre has been an active Member of the House of Commons of Canada that has always stood up for all Canadians before and during Covid and especially before running for PM. This includes raising issues that affect ALL Canadians from West to East in parliament due to the current gov policies that contribute to inflation, increase housing purchases, increase manufacturing monetary, multiple ethical investigations done by the current gov, and natural resources which now with the Ukraine situation has put Canadians in more financial trouble which could of been less impact on Canadians until a permanent cost efficient and solution is in place for all Canadians to eventually replace these resources. Of course there are other issues, but the point is Poilievre has always been fighting for all Canadians and has gained trust in Canadians knowing he has our backs based on his continuous actions.

    1. Charest decided to dedicate himself now because he was beggued by Conservatives to come out of retirement to save the party from another defeat.

    2. @Max Rockatansky In is career by 2004, Charest had settled into an approach of higher spending, increased debt, and repeated tax hikes. From a billion dollar increase in hydroelectricity rates to the doubling of licence registration fees, increases in payroll taxes, gas taxes, daycare fees, and a carbon tax. Not to mention increase tuition fees that lead students to protest and eventually contributed to his defeat. Charest made life less affordable for working families. This is the situation we are now with current gov policies.

  2. There was a reason why O’tool was dropped as leader for CPC. Conservatives don’t want another Leader who leans both ways.

    1. Yes, they do. Charest is the only chance Tories can win. Poilievre and the Reform is a small regional movement who will never represent all Canadians. Poilievre and his cronies will ensure the Liberals stay in power forever.

    2. @Max Rockatansky it’s not exactly mutually exclusive.

      Both “Conservatives don’t want someone like Charest” and “Conservatives can’t win without someone like Charest” can be true at the same time.

    1. Dude, calm down. Charest just announced his intention to run for the leadership, covering this obviously newsworthy material isn’t necessarily promoting anything. They can’t only be talking about Poilievre.

  3. Oh Evan, why are you pushing this guy so hard? You’re up to something you little snake! You know as well as anyone that Charest isn’t at all fit to represent the CPC.

  4. Western Canada vote no French helicopters, satellites sleep deprivation Charest, deficit crisis, bankruptcy crisis, anxiety crisis, cfb French.

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