Buoyed By Nationwide Protests, Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Ends Hunger Strike | Rachel Maddow 1

Buoyed By Nationwide Protests, Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Ends Hunger Strike | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow reports on jailed Russia opposition leader Alexei Navalny ending his hunger strike after receiving the medical attention he was asking for and with the encouragement of massive, nationwide protests in his support and against Vladimir Putin. This, as Putin began to pull back the troops he'd amassed at the border with Ukraine. Aired on 04/24/2021.
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Buoyed By Nationwide Protests, Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Ends Hunger Strike | Rachel Maddow


    1. dunno if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using Instaplekt. Find it on google xD

    1. Western media is misinforming us about Navalny. The end goal is the same as it’s always been: war.

    2. @Free Palestine – So what is the real story of Navalny? I don’t think anyone is going to war over Navalny.

    3. @Greg Brogan For that I’d have to refer you to The Grayzone, Glenn Greenwald, or another top tier journalist.

    1. He’s not much different than Juan Guaido, or Saddam Hussein, or any other regime change puppet of the MIC.

    2. @Neil Rusling Putin hates him because he wants to overthrow the Russian oligarchs. I’m all for toppling corrupt oligarchs, but unfortunately Navalny isn’t anti-oligarch. He’s just pro-US oligarchs.

  1. A third disliked this, seems a bit strange as there is nothing to dislike, almost like somethings getting rigged?

    1. The thing about that is MSM lies all the time, so a lot of people just give them the old thumbs down no matter what. How can you trust anything they put on the air? 60 minutes was just the latest hack job exposed, but it has been going on for years. CNN’s producer was caught on hidden camera saying the only reason he went to CNN was to ruin Trump by any means possible. The sheep don’t see this because the MSM won’t air it. BTW, did you know Arizona is in the 2nd day of forensic audits? If you’re a sheep you don’t know this because your media doesn’t report on that. Hides the truth in other words.

    2. Because the point of this story is for MSDNC to continue its long practiced red-baiting. Nothing more, nothing less.

    3. English is clearly not your first language little foreign troll and it’s pretty amusing you don’t know how the Like/dislike ratio works. Your bosses in propaganda should prepare you better because they’ve left you instead to make a fool of yourself in public.

  2. Putin’s money makes him weak now….

    When you’re the richest man in the world, you obey sanctions!

    Putin knows his priorities!

  3. Putin is that dude that barks all day with no action. He LOVES the life he lives , he won’t give all that up or mess it up.

    1. I think he’s totally unpredictable. He’s not afraid to invade countries or hack into the most powerful nation in the world’s computers. His military isn’t what it was during the cold war, but it is formidable. I don’t trust him to not do something really stupid.

    2. @J C Invade countries? Which country has about 800 bases and military installations worldwide? Which country has 34 bases surrounding Iran? Which country has been occupying and bombing several nations at the same time?

      I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Russia

    3. Um, he’s kind of crazy and has no problem invading neighbors so there is that. Biden is a weak leader, Putin is a dangerous leader. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another attempt on that mans life and we see troops move again.

    4. @P D Putin isn’t stupid. He pulled back his troops so as not to be blamed for any conflict. But once Ukraine pulls s**t, he’ll be all over them; they won’t know what hit them. Ukraine’s playing the role of a fool. And Rachel Maddow’s a bigger one for thinking Putin backed down. what a tool!

    5. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year You still can’t see the difference between “invited” and “invaded”, I see.

      Given this, it’s only that much clearer you know nothing of Russian history. Not everybody has that problem though so: wanna try and make a *true* statement?

  4. So happy for your good medical treatment, and you can eat again!! Go sloes, little at a time.
    You. Achieved great things; people in Russia stood up for you!

  5. I’m not from Russia but I fully support the cause Navalny is fighting for and he has my support from Texas, USA. Keep fighting brother, we will assure there is consequences if they hurt a hair on your head.

    1. Self appointed and permanent president that squelches the citizenry and funnels mega wealth of a poor country into his own and his beloved oligarch’s pockets isn’t exactly any sort of democracy.

    2. Only one thing is strange , support for Navalny is much bigger in the western world than in Russia , like he is candidate for American president or he is just American candidate for Russian president. And if it’s fine for America to have candidate in Russian elections and support him very openly why was such a big mess with so called Russian meddling in American elections which became biggest joke ever…… Just wonder ?!

    3. @Srbislav Nikolovski Because Westerners only know what life is like in Russia from things they read online, not from experience.

  6. We support you bro! Stay strong, the russian people need you! Much love and respect. ~A black man in the U.S..


  8. The fact that Putin has to keep one man in prison because he’s terrified of him saying mean things about him in public is HILARIOUS! So much for being a shirtless macho man!

  9. The real people of Russia are proud of you Navalny! As a person who was born and Russia but live in America, we support you!

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