Burna Boy Concert in Jamaica – Duke Concept | TVJ Entertainment Report


    1. Ok groupie, calm down you will and keep your panties dry for now. No use getting wet yet,the party hasn’t started yet.

    2. @Kratos radio Which song famous ah yaad? Jamaicans love dem Dancehall. Mi neva hear burna pon di road when mi visit.

  1. All of burna boy music from 2014 up to 2020 was dancehall music. Di song “Don Gorgon” put him out there and no credit was given…. Burna never use to do afrobeats until WizKid dem make it global

  2. I hope the Jamaican Dancehall we’ll see how the Africans are working together Afrobeat is taking over we can do the same. Stop fighting against each other and make good music what we are known to do and then we will start getting Grammys awards instead of receiving a Grammy backstage

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