Buttigieg: Choice Between Bloomberg, Sanders ‘Not Good For Our Ability To Win’ | Hardball | MSNBC

Pete Buttigieg thinks that a choice between Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders is 'not good for our ability to win' the presidency. Aired on 02/19/20.
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Buttigieg: Choice Between Bloomberg, Sanders 'Not Good For Our Ability To Win' | Hardball | MSNBC


  1. I swear, Chris Mathews is completely unable to have any conversation, at anytime, with anyone, without making it a point to interrupt their speaking, on multiple occasions. Its why i stopped watching ‘Hardball’. Let the man speak, geez.

    1. A lot of us are worried about Sanders winning the primary. He’s not even a democrat. He should be running on the Green or Socialist Worker Party. He’s going to doom us all to trump’s authoritarianism.

    2. @Fred Freddy News flash: Most of the people you’ve been voting for aren’t Democrats. Clinton and Obama both governed to the right of Nixon and Reagan. If all you care about is labels, you might as well just vote a straight blue ticket and stop complaining.

    3. @Fred Freddy the sad thing is that the establishment would rather keep their power and have another four years of Donald Trump than a Sanders’ presidency! The corporate establishment feel their power slipping away, as millions of Americans have rallied behind Sanders, and boldly say “we have had enough!” Feel the Bern baby!!! #Bernie2020

    1. Democrats can’t invoke MLK’s fierce urgency of now when they take their sweet time and make excuses for never being able to fight for anything that they promise during elections. The time for waiting is over.

    2. @Smokee McGhee Pete: comes back later “sorry, turns out I couldn’t do anything…what can I say? I tried”

    1. That’s the Chris Mathews way: Ask a question, the person begins to answer and Mathews starts talking over them.

    1. @MInd Remote I agree. I dislike the MSM constantly telling the country that Bernie can’t win. I lean to Warren, but, they won’t let Bernie alone. Thanks for your reply.

    2. @Fred Freddy I’m just tired of the MSM telling us all that Bernie can’t win. I’m more in for Warren, but I’ll support the Dem.

  2. Pete’s message has as much substance as those “Live-Love-Laugh” wall hangings on distressed wood from Bed Bath and Beyond.

    1. No lie, I have one. Now I’m scared that Pete could win the nomination. Bland but hey, it doesn’t clash with anything.

    2. Nah, check out the national polls. Pete is nowhere. Sanders has upwards of a 10 point lead in all of them. But you won’t hear about that much on corporate media. They keep going on about Bernie’s “ceiling”. Makes me laugh. There’s a lot more ordinary working Americans, than “moderate Republicans”. Bernie speaks to the needs of ordinary working Americans. President Sanders 2020.

    1. Matthews has always been an establishment tool bag, who is out of touch with reality in everyday voters’ lives.

    2. He’s not incompetent. He is trying to further his own interests. He is part of the 1%… ‘earning’ $5 mil a year.

    1. Ron Tice Why do Democrat’s have superdelegates tho ? I swear the Republicans primary is far more fair and organized.

  3. AKA: “A vote for someone else ain’t so good for *MY* ability to win.”

    (World continues cheering on Bernie Sanders.)

  4. So why are they polling so much better than you, Pete? 🤔
    And Chris, why the dishonesty? You care a lot, and are not looking from the outside. The evidence is also in the lame old clichéd focus and obsession on the letter D in one’s back (Pete hust exploits it. Matthews actually thinks this is vital.)
    Also, Chris, were you able to follow the debate? Liz did go after Bernie. More than once.

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