Buttigieg. I’m Building A Coalition That Will Show How To Beat Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Buttigieg. I'm Building A Coalition That Will Show How To Beat Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


2020 Democratic candidate, fmr. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, discusses his campaign, the Iowa caucuses and the importance of second choice in the caucuses. Aired on 02/03/20.
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Buttigieg. I'm Building A Coalition That Will Show How To Beat Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

47 Comments on "Buttigieg. I’m Building A Coalition That Will Show How To Beat Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Does Buttigieg only talk in platitudes?

    • @Gerda White I agree with the implied meanings of the original comment. Can you look up the word “dam” I don’t know how to reply to “don’t give a dam” correctly not to be questioned later about who I should’ve replied to instead of department of waterworks!?

    • @ConTroller – I’m sorry, Are you in need of the letter “N” ? I know the feeling, as I am also currently out of stock. If you are just another grammar Nazi, please go and Troll someone else.

    • only if your worldview is junior high school level

  2. 5:05 I hate when Morning Joe does these dumb coffee shop interviews with the audience.

    • @Earnest T Bass neither tell The truth. They both have a right wing agenda. It’s establishment owned on both sides.

      The eponymous show’s Joe himself is a republican

    • Earnest T Bass hmm, a lot to comment on there.

      You’re right about Russian collusion, there wasn’t any evidence of that from the beginning.

      No, by definition there was obstruction of justice. Do the right care? Course not.

      He was handed Obama’s growing economy, he would’ve had to do something pretty drastic to do that. That being said, historically his policy positions lead to huge recessions so give it time.

      Again, his replicating Bushs economic policy positions will lead to a crash, just hasn’t happened yet.

      He tried to do a Muslim ban. That is fact.

      War with Korea? I mean, he tried.

      Tariffs are hurting farmers to the point he had to put in socialist policies.

      Emoluments clause is correct.

      Deficit is exploding under Tr_mp unlike any other pres.

    • Earnest T Bass Tr_mp is racist; unless you can tell me why he accused the only black president of being born elsewhere?

    • American Super Truther Patriot Red Pill | February 3, 2020 at 3:29 PM | Reply

      Every single one of you two party paradigm believing sheepdips in here are mentally disturbed. Facts

    • Radwulf Eboraci | February 3, 2020 at 5:36 PM | Reply

      If you don’t like what you see here …

  3. Barrett Simmons | February 3, 2020 at 12:33 PM | Reply

    “Those future former republicans I like to talk about” his main #1 talking point

  4. “THE TIME IS NOW” – Killer Mike – #Bernie2020

  5. Hopefully Pete found time to congratulate the great state of Kansas for winning the super bowl. 🤣🤣

  6. Danny Sullivan Music | February 3, 2020 at 12:50 PM | Reply

    This is going to be an interesting election year…

    • You heard it here first folks!

    • Oh yeah!

    • @Don Williams do you ask these questions when we give a trillion dollar tax cut to the wealthy?
      do you ask these questions when we have spent TRILLIONS in a failed war based on a lie???
      did you ask how we’re going to pay for it when we bailed out corrupt Wall Street????
      Did you ask how we were going to pay for it billion dollars of subsidies to Farmers hurt by Trump’s tariffs???
      Bad faith argument put forth by Bad actors

  7. Trump congratulated the wrong State when congratulating the Super Bowl Winners. Now we know why they wouldn’t let him buy a football team. Ha ! He can’t tell Missouri from Kansas.
    Protest the State of the Union. Turn off your TV!
    Trump will hear the silence because Trump cares about ratings.

    • Our local Democratic Party meets on the first Tuesday of every month. I’ll be going there to sign up and attend my first meeting on Tuesday.

    • @D Deen If you put all the people who ever attended a trump rally together, you would find that it is all the same people

    • @Constituent A Most of his rally’s have at least 25% Democrats. Face it, your team’s already lost.

    • Linda Macpherson | February 3, 2020 at 10:29 PM | Reply

      @Maria Glass as long as the wind dont blow it over. He should have talked to the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. Oh never mind he’s to stupid

    • @D Deen LOL, he’s not a reliable source for factual information. Everybody from south Florida recognizes Maurice Woodside from his mugshots.

  8. Basic social inequality which is due to a variety of factors, namely the lack of the ability the masses to have access and control of resources is at the root cause of tension i.e. the battle of the haves vs. have nots.. According to Frantz Fanon, ““The basic confrontation which seemed to be colonialism versus anti-colonialism, indeed capitalism versus socialism, is already losing its importance. What matters today, the issue which blocks the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity will have to address this question, no matter how devastating the consequences may be.” This fact of reality forms the inevitability of another revolution based on class. This can be done easy or rough and is up to the citizenry! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!

  9. 🍞

  10. Hear lots of flowery words.Struggle to find substance.

    • @Jeff LaClaire Are you under the age of 25 by any chance? Not to be insulting nor to slam your opinion but you seem to be naive. Traditional political wisdom is that primary election voters vote with their hearts, general election voters vote with their heads. Pete gets that. Andrew doesn’t (which is why he continues to languish in the polls in respect to the other top tier candidates–especially in Iowa where he has done the most campaigning and for longer than anyone else). Motivational speaker Simom Sinek puts it this way: “People don’t buy what you’re selling, they buy why you’re selling it.”You may want policy specifics during the primary election campaign. Most voters do not. You can get your fix if you bother to access a candidate’s campaign website. In this case it’s peteforamerica.com. I doubt you will bother, though.

    • gdouglas999 But you gotta understand this. Pete is the most boring, white bread individual running for office, even more so than Amy. You know who polls better with black voters? Yang. You know who polls better with younger voters? Yang.
      Yang has been rising in the polls (digit by digit but still positive net growth) while some recent polls have had Yang and Buttigieg pretty close. I’m 24 but my age means nothing. Politics and marketing is what I study in school so I am pretty knowledgeable of political trends. One thing I know Pete has done wrong is that he peaked to early. If you review recent primaries, you will see the early front runners ended up dropping.

    • gdouglas999 exactly! People who are critical often times are ignorant. There are many sites that list all of his and others policies. Be informed.

    • Jean Bates MATH = Make America Think Harder.

      Andrew Yang is the most informed & data driven candidate with pragmatic 21st century solutions. With 150+ policies, it’s the most comprehensive.

      Data & Humanity First. Stay informed!

  11. Lppi que

  12. Good luck Mayor Pete! I’ve liked you right from the get-go and no matter how this goes, I know you have a fabulous future ahead of you.

  13. #InvisibleYang 👤

  14. Go Pete! Charismatic leader! So wonderful to here an intelligent politician answer questions. Forward, united thinker. If you don’t vote for Pete, let’s make him the next VP America. The rest of the World can work with this guy to better the World. Cheering for a better American President for you all from Canada!

  15. Love him!!!

  16. Lolololololoollolll hahahahaha…

  17. Thank you so much for asking interesting new questions and not recycling old, disproven narratives. I wish all your colleagues at MSNBC were that broad in their perspective and analytical in their thinking.

  18. I like Buttigieg and Yang. I like what Bloomberg is saying about gun control. Hope ever wins I want them to incorporate Bloomberg’s gun control plan. It’s time for a major change in this area. Enough of the senseless deaths.

  19. I will never get tired of listening to Pete. He’s smart, articulate, knowledgeable and his voice is soothing to my ears. #bluetsunami2020 🇺🇸🙏❤

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