Buttigieg: Trump Is A Symptom And Cause Of Many Of America’s Problems | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Donald Trump should have already been in prison for bank fraud, insurance fraud, income tax evasion, and self-dealing through his FAKE charity even before descending that elevator in front of a PAID crowd to announce his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States!

    1. Dre Day We have never, yet, removed a president with impeachment. It’s a lot harder then I think people realize. It’s a glaring problem in the constitution….

    2. @C.J. Tymczak yea but if Trump is soooo bad and such a criminal, Democrats would at least set articles that has crimes in it lol…instead they have articles abuse of power and obstruction of Congress smh..no crime.. this is all political and they are just mad that Trump won in 2016..and even more mad that he is actually doing a great job as president..in fact Trump may go down as one of the greatest presidents in American history

    3. I know your best president who loves your country and gives you jobs like no other is awful isn’t he?

    4. Dre Day How is this even an argument? Impeachment is about the behavior of the person in office. And by the way, withholding fund duly authorized by Congress is a crime. Don’t worry, I am sure once he is removed multiple indictments will be leveled against him. Also, read some dam history, like the articles against nixon for one.

  2. Why are we all pretending that Donald Trump is such a good President that he might be difficult to defeat? That’s just utterly bizarre! An empty cat food can should be able to defeat Trump! WTF?

    1. sl123sl your assumptions of the senator is incorrect. I bet, you don’t even know what communist means.

    2. Maybe if you thought about whats really going on you would realize that you don’t like the truth and that Trump is doing great things and people like him and will vote him in again….WAKE UP MAN!

    3. Iasan O’lunney what did you think I need to wake up to. I bet my life you don’t know what trump has done so well for this country. I can name you a few things he did that I think it’s reasonable, just reasonable.

    4. I agree completely. It is nonsensical. Moderators in debates and political commentators are building him up as a master communicator. He is the absolute opposite.

  3. I was canvassing at my local community college here in SC and most of the students didn’t even know any of the candidates other than Bernie Biden and Trump.

    1. Have you checked out full length videos of Andrew Yang on youtube. He goes into full detail of his policies in a way that is not covered accurately by the media. Please check out his videos and join the YangGang!

    1. @Dre Day I hate to tell you but your mother may be loosing some of her social security benefits. I hope you have room at your house..
      The Trump proposal is for a 25% reduction in her monthly checks..
      I also hope she has her own insurance because medicare and Medicaid are also taking a hit.
      I would agree that our wages have gone up. However if you look at my source you will see that with the cost of living going up- It washes the numbers out.
      In January, private sector workers (excluding farmworkers) got an average 3-cent hourly raise, In the past 12 months, average hourly earnings have only increased 85 cents, or 3.2 percent, and that doesn’t even take inflation into account.

  4. America has a failed business man with no political experience that lies, rapes, insults our military leaders, disrespects all POW’s.
    What could have possibly go wrong with this.

    1. @Hunter McIntosh You’re party is full of bootlickers and bigots who hate the Constitution, hate democracy, hate freedom of the press, hate education, hate science, hate freedom of speech, hate freedom of worship but love dictators. And your party wants Trump to be their dictator.

    1. @MacKenzie Engle Yang is starting to outpoll Pete right now in some states and matching him in others. Yang got about 1/20th the coverage Pete has. He’s also been using Yang’s ideas and wording a lot. He might be “smart’ but he is not original or even an independent thinker.

  5. Yang was right when he said either he will win or the other candidates are going to start sounding a lot like him.

    1. “It’s either I’m going to win the election or other people will start sounding a lot like me.” — Yang

  6. RePete, trying to sound like Andrew Yang! No wonder the DNC pushed Andrew Yang off the stage. They like his message but they want a meat puppet they can control.

  7. Vote Yang. A true genius. Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend will carry MLK’s baton forward to cross the finish line. To eradicate poverty once and for all. Learn more over 130 policies at Yang2020.com

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