CA Wildfires Incinerate Thousands Of Acres In One Day, Threaten Lake Tahoe 1

CA Wildfires Incinerate Thousands Of Acres In One Day, Threaten Lake Tahoe


The devastating Caldor fire has forced many to leave the Lake Tahoe area. NBC News' Jacob Ward reports on the impact of the fire.   

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  1. Remember this: however bad you think things are today, however awful you consider the fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes that are happening now to be, we humans still have the time and the ability to change it all and to make it worse.

    1. @brian stollings no one cares about your truck or cows or whatever 😛 unless you own thousands of hectares with a gigantic factory farm that ships meat all across the world, your carbon footprint is probably teeny teeny teeny tiny. X.x

    2. It depends on wether the good guys win out or the bad guys steal the technology for more weather warfare. This is a life and death matter. More spiritual than physical if people will only pray and believe!

    3. @robert murphy I think most people’s beliefs are based off their experiences, though.. so God/The Universe/ whatever you believe, simply needs to provide people with the types of experiences that will trigger better beliefs for them 🙂

    4. @brian stollings Brian, why are you replying to Juggi’s comment like this? Do you think by commenting/replying on YouTube like this helps convince the opposite side/point of view about your opinions? The fact of the matter is, YES, China pollutes at a rate equal to that of US, EU, and then some.. by A LOT! But, what does that have too do with what Juggie said? Did Juggie ever say, “I’m a hero or virtuous”? And, yes! You do have nothing to do with this! So please, go away. 

      Let me show you how to respond in an effective manner.

      Juggi is completely following the Mainstream narrative. The Al Gore, left-wing, elite controlled narrative. It is being forced down the throats of everybody unwilling to question, and, critically think. Juggi has, from what it seems by his comment, fallen victim to this narrative/agenda.

      Juggie is correct about the fact that things are bad today. Juggie completely ruined that by ending with this: “we humans still have the time and the ability to change it all and to make it worse”

      Juggi, go sift through the 200+ US patents which deal with geoengineering. Sorry to inform you, we are done. Planet will be fine.

    5. @robert murphy I’m afraid it is far worse than that. Most of us will not live through this. People who do not accept the truth that there is one God, pray, believe, repent, etc. I really don’t know how they ever will.

      Hoping you are not a bot. Everyone should read ROBERTS FIRST SENTENCE — “the technology for more weather warfare”

      Technology for more WEATHER WARFARE.

  2. I thought a widow-maker was when a tree or a large branch was hung up, caught by other trees, and in danger of falling and killing someone. Sometimes caused by logging or by storms or fire.

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  3. Shout out to George Floyd on sixteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals

  4. Let it burn. We wasted USD2 Trillion in Afghan for nothing, kicked out by sandal wearing men. Rebuilding works will cost much less than 2 trillion…
    At least the firemen live…

  5. Describing the deck chairs that are sliding into the ocean on the titanic, emotionally. Neat. How about you idiots put pressure on the fact that they wont call out National Guard? What about using real equipment to halt the fires from extending? Real procedures? There is no excuse for these fires other than no one caring to stop them. If you want to stop a fire, you will do what it takes.

  6. These trees are hundreds to even maybe thousands of years old and millions and millions of them get absolutely incinerated in seconds. So sad

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