Calais ‘Jungle’ closure: What now for the migrants?

Sky's Mark Stone makes his way around the Calais 'Jungle' camp as it is closed and demolished. The future for many migrants is again uncertain as they move on to new locations.

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  1. Send them to Austria Germany Denmark Sweden Belgium Switzerland Norway etc.
    so many options I’m not sure why they have to cross the English channel….
    Europe allowed them to cross so many borders so Europe must suffer the
    consequences. House them yourselves…

    1. yeah they are economic migrants looking for the best country. they are not
      running for war, just looking for a better life. and mainland europe doenst
      want them either.

  2. Europe should keep them!! they are the one’s who invited them in and
    allowed them to cross freely across the boarders!!
    why should the UK be the benefit centre of Europe!!!!!!!
    what makes me laugh is they have Smart phones!!!!!!
    Refugee’s they are not,they are Migrants looking for the best possible
    place to settle which is unfortunately the UK the benefit centre of

    1. the uk is a part of europe and with the disruptive western culture we
      destroy the african economy. so everyone has to take his share.

  3. i dont understand why they cant send them back to where they came from? It
    seems they just bring their disruptive confused culture with them.

  4. It’s very easy to know what these economic migrants will do next. They will
    build another illegal camp because the French are too liberal to fix the
    problem properly.

    1. +Simon A Either that, or something has been added to the water.I can’t
      believe, where all the new age poofters have come from, plus, All Europeans
      are now piss weak pussies. It just seems as if they are going along, with
      the takeover…

  5. A soylent green processor needs to be erected on the site to feed new
    arrivals.The movie can be that of a channel crossing by train or by sea ,
    featuring an arrival on UK soil , and remittance of passport as 72 virgins
    cheer on.

    Problem solved.

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