Calculus wins Derby at Caymanas Park – August 7 2021

Calculus wins Derby at Caymanas Park - August 7 2021 1


    1. In my view all three jockeys did a great job…..the horse with the greatest staying ability won….. Ellis did well to keep his horse steady in the early part of the race…..his horse got bumped around … ….a stroke of luck when the space opened up between the two horses that were in front of calculus…..the jockey on the outside horse went a little wide….if he was smarter he could have kept the space closed

  1. Stupidness,how can the Oaks and The Derby be run on the same day.who did this need to leave. If it was like that years ago,Horses like Hello poochie Lui, Thornbird,Simply Magic,Restless Babe and She’s a Maneater wouldn’t have been that legendary

    1. The Derby was scheduled for Independence Day & The Oaks the following Saturday. The government then revised the curfew rules for holidays & the Derby was moved to the Saturday.

    2. @Denise Walters this explanation hardly makes sense….so why the racing promoters couldn’t reschedule either the oaks or the Derby so that they don’t clash?…..this explanation could only hold water if this was the last race day on the calendar

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