Calgary school board faces $40M sexual assault lawsuit

The Calgary Board of Education is facing a $40M lawsuit over a former, now-deceased teacher charged with sexually assaulting students.

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    1. @Coreen Evans Hes right were all victims of something. I was allowed by my gym teacher to be sexually abused in a small town. No lawsuit is gonna do anything, thats life. If anything, id personally hunt him and them down, but lucky for them, i mentally blocked any of thier names, which is typical for me, but i cant even remember their faces which is not.

    2. Ah…yup….poor victims, but they will get over it with the help of a bunch of money. I’m not downplaying what happened, but it annoys me that getting a bunch of free money is the answer. The lawyers are to blame to.

  1. Granted, what this teacher did is horrific, however, suing the board of education is only suing the citizens. No one at the board will pay.

    1. if u think about it, whenever we sue a democratic tax funded government, all we really are doing is suing ourselves lol. I say this more of a slight joke and not for it to be taken too deeply.

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