1. Let me get this straight. People want to vote for a man with 0 governing experience, a man who supported a president who’s followers invaded the capital, a radio host and a nonfiction author. And to top it off someone who thinks covid is actually gone?? The fools are the people who vote for that type of person.

    2. @Moises Diaz and top it off think Covid is gone?? You weak minded people are your own worse enemy I swear. You liberals are all the same. Always bring up Trump, bring up January 6th and bring up Covid. Funny how these 3 things consume you people, it’s pretty pathetic.

    3. @osama obama Never vote democrat, under any circumstances, ever, period, ever. Who the hell do you think you’re kidding?

    1. @silly willie Florida literally has the highest death per 100,000 people….No other state in the entire country has a worst death rate than Florida how stupid are you?

    2. @Gucci Street Bets you ever consider of those 100k how many of them are in good health pre-pandemic? you’re not weighing in all the factors

    3. @Zanman umm…a high positive rate is NOT a death rate. Add to that the fact Fl has one of the highest concentrations of elderly and you’ll start to get to the truth. Read a little know a lot. Or , just keep letting the end the sh*t comes out of do your talking for you.
      Either way, thank you for NOT coming to Fl, it’s people like you that turn Tate’s to sh*t holes.

    4. @Gucci Street Bets yeah, when you don’t report the actual numbers it’s easy to keep the lies going. I wonder, since CA has one of the biggest populations of illegals in the country, how are they reporting all those deaths? Or do those people only count when you need them to?

  1. It’s a shame about those 300 votes he lost. You know, from the guy who got caught before he could deliver his stash of mail in ballots. Fortunately, the police let the guy go so he can get back to work harvesting.

    It’s hard to find good help.

    1. @Jelly Jam So…trying to hang former Vice-President Pence, and Prevent Joe Biden from receiving certification…under the threat of violence doesn’t count?

    2. Let’s see….the ballots were stolen from two heavy Democratic California Communities…..
      The moron was found armed and drugged out with the Republican choice of drugs….
      But you want to imply he was working for the Democrats? 😂🤣😂🤣😂 YOU FUNNY !!!

    3. @SCAMDEMIC WEAR A MASK BE A SLAVE I don’t think a “John Brown” moment is possible with the erosion of personal privacy in the cyber age and the degree of control in the overlapping levels of law enforcement local state and federal. The wheels are falling off the bus and there’s no course back out but revolution which pretty much can’t happen.
      I think it was Jefferson who was in favor of a revolution every 20 years and a rewriting of the constitution so that subsequent generations wouldn’t be subject to the previous generation’s values and opinions.

    1. Yeah that’s not good if he is.
      Las Vegas former Governor was absolutely super close buddies with NVEnergy and he was able to Outlaw solar batteries for storing residential solar power for years, preventing homeowners with Solar to keep power off grid use every evening. He, A Republican, had to go

    1. Not sure where it shows everything blamed on covid, if she explains in the beginning what started the effort to what kept it going, and how recalls happen. Attention skills aren’t your forte right? Sad.

  2. The media is going into overdrive to help save evil Newsom’s job. This should ring alarms in even the most brainwashed of heads. I actually haven’t met or seen someone who supports him. The vast minority of liberal elite do, as opposed to the majority which seek to dethrone him and restore some decency to California. They are manufacturing support and consent like they always do so when the fixed results come in you don’t question it. They mock you. They mock us. What are you going to do about it?

    1. @Alfred George LMFAO that’s your response? Because I don’t like him along with quite a few others I don’t live in California? You people seriously are dense and stuck up beyond recognition.

    2. @Alfred George LMFAO you just proved my point… I used to live there. I moved to Texas where I’ve got family around 10 months ago. I’m a radiology technician so I make decent money I suppose. The amount of taxes I was paying for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was abysmal, I was tired of paying $150-200 a month for my electric bill when my power was constantly being shut off for hours at a time. Yes… amazing leader he is!!!

  3. What ever happens and who ever governs California better fix the ugliness that plagues the city. Come on. Have you driven through LA lately? Dude. It really looks bad. But that’s just my opinion. A lot of the residents don’t mind the trash on almost every corner. Im just grateful I get to go home to The SGV . WHERE TRASH IS IN A TRASH CAN. And neighbors smoke dope in their homes. In private.

    1. @Dave Oh I don’t know. I understand that their policies had bankrupted California but after the Covid bills went through they will end the year with a surplus. So, not always short sighted. Certainly tricked the GOP into supporting a bailout in CA.

  4. Once the recall was announced this guy literally gave out $600 checks. It’s a joke what this state has become. You could run almost 50% of the states on the amount of taxes this guy collects from hard working Californians. He just put an ad out saying if you don’t vote for him your life is in jeopardy.

    1. @Anton Chigurh Not everyone can be so fortunate like you, to not have to worry about every cent of income to survive. Enjoy your cars, while the world outside of that warehouse of yours burns, when society in California implodes.

    2. @Anton Chigurh fine if only he would only use HIS OWN MONEY TO BRIBE FOR HIS VOTES!!! Not sure how I feel about his veiled “death threats” for votes, though, that’s skating a little close to Cuomo Democratic leadership territory…. 🥵

    1. Larry who? A man who supports the ‘my pillow’ guy and the steal garbage and has no administrative experience is not fit to lead. All of a sudden he remembers he’s a black man from Crenshaw. I know he’s a lawyer but lawyers are a dime a dozen. I’m a Democrat who voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger when Gray Davis was recalled and we knew how that turned out. The Republican Party or mire the Donald Trump party is not fit to lead California.

    2. You stupid fool. We have the lowest infection rate. This man has done a great job. When the terminator left office we were nearly bankrupt as a state. Sure, you vote for larry boy who is under investigation for criminal issues. Let’s really let this state burn to the ground. Like Florida. I am a Registered Republican for over 45 yrs. Nope, didn’t vote for Newsom but I would now and will vote no on the recall. If you didn’t like him, everyone could just have waited until next year. But no, we need to threw away money. Yes, I voted for Biden. My dad voted for Orange face psychopath narcissist Trump

  5. Newsom needs to be recalled. I’ve lived in California most of my 65 years and he is by far the worst governor ever. We also need to kick out most of the socialist state legislature as well. Time to take California back.

  6. “My legs used to turn blonde, in the, in the, in the sun, and the kids used to come up and rub my legs down and watch the hair go back up, just like how we were all created equal in the eyes of you know, you know the thing. I am Boe Jiden and I approve this message.” -Bie Joden

  7. You all really believe Nancy’s gonna let her nephew lose his position? Sorry but you’re all screwed.

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