Call to Increase Income Tax Threshold | Quadruple Shooting in St. James #tvjmiddaynews

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  1. Nigel Clarke doesn’t even believe the words coming out of his mouth πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. National water commission in Clarendon is the worst in the parish….how can someone pay there bill, have no outstanding payment and my water is disconnect???…..I need some answers

  3. What is wrong with these people don’t they see that these politicians don’t care about the poor none of them care neither pnp or jlp

    1. 4wal talk that’s the reason we need to choose differently and vote UIC give Jamaica a change

  4. It’s ok to give politicians an out of touch raise of pay but it’s a big problem raising the tax threshold for the average tax paying citizen.

  5. What’s a great undertaking was unilaterally raising the pay for parliamentary members some 200% when other civil and public servants are quarreling, begging for higher wages to keep up with the ever growing costs of living

  6. Abolish income tax and use the GCT which is collected and circulated more quickly and more efficiently.

    1. That’s what they should have been doing because one has to pay taxes everywhere and still pay taxes because you are working and getting paid.

  7. 9298 laptops is a JOKE!!!!! How many High Schools do we have in Jamaica and how many students in those institutions? This government is delusional and completely out of touch with reality.

  8. They do not have the money Miss, only to pay themselves.

    You hear that, it is a huge undertaking! Lord Jesus!

  9. The teachers don’t have to worry about CHATGPT, the country doesn’t have the platform to support it.

  10. Raise revenue build infrastructure and get out of private sectors way I support this tax increase , get the vendors off our roads build vendor markets,for them improve our quality of life clean uncongest our streets

  11. When this is all said and done it would be prudent if these people thinks things through before they act. One of the first things they are to take into perspective is to ensure that before they have these person’s remove is prepare where they are to go, the question should be the allocated area presently can able to accommodate these floating vendors? If not another situation may arise when they are claiming to prevent one. As a concerning citizen I urge the relevant authority to fine comb and manifest an amicable solution to alleviate the situation.

  12. That’s right .. …I/Tax threshold needs to be reviewed every single year. Poor people having it hard. They mentioned that NIS Pensioner’s would get an increase effective April 1, 2023 and that still has not been applied. As a matter of fact the Ministry of Labour & Social Security has not been given any directives when checks were made.

  13. Raising the income tax threshold and linking it with COL index would not cause the need to work harder

  14. These politicians are so sweet they are treating the Jamaican population as if they are dumb animals. I am now understanding why there are so much criminals running wild.

  15. Same thing in Westmoreland, people vend as will. Some places you can’t walk and only when it get out of hand authorities step in.

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