Calls for Trudeau to remove RCMP Commissioner Lucki over fishery dispute 1

Calls for Trudeau to remove RCMP Commissioner Lucki over fishery dispute


Sipekne'katik First Nation Chief Mike Sack believes RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki should resign for defending the officers in Nova Scotia.

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    1. Thats like saying doctors should resign because they are also public servants and paid by the government

  1. Luckily should resign. She (it)has been useless in providing effective arrests of illegal radical leftwing protesters trespassing on both private and Crown land.

  2. ALL Trudeau’s selections in power should be removed for their complicity in crimes against Canadians!

    1. she’s taking her orders from Justin, who once was a part time drama teacher. And that, sadly is how Canada is run now.

  3. Those fishers were selling their catch, lobster, to a ccp/chinese lobster buyer.
    They were not fishing to eat the catch, That is why the lobster pond was burned down…
    It was owned by the formentioned ccp company… the supposed “friend of the band”.

    1. The chinese will take whatever they can get. The Indians know that so they go fish out of season. Need one law for all fishing so unfair.

  4. Thats what happens when you give top positions to family That are not Qualified..Then again there’s not to many in the liberal party that are in positions they are Qualified for ..Shameful

  5. Anyone else find it a bit of a conflict of interest to have any pm in history choose the person that is going to investigate them ….

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