Calls to decriminalise old abortion laws

Calls to decriminalise old abortion laws 1


The Women's Equality Party is campaigning to make abortion a human rights issue rather than a "Victorian criminal law" issue.

Chair of Abortion Rights, Kerry Abel, and pro-life campaigner, Aisling Hubert, debate whether the laws are still relevant today.

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4 Comments on "Calls to decriminalise old abortion laws"

  1. Outrageous. Slaughter of the unborn is something I could never agree with.

  2. definitely out of date law. we have modern abortion laws and guidelines.
    people act like abortion is a new thing but for as long as women have been
    getting pregnant women (and men) have been both trying to avoid pregnancy
    (contraception) And terminating pregnancy.

  3. Abortion activist is an ugly feminist bristling with bitterness and
    delusion. Pro-life activist is a beautiful woman radiating moral authority.
    Anybody surprised? Didn’t think so.

  4. hello!

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