1. Totally disgusting! Time for a revolution in this country. We had a
    democratic vote, and the country voted to leave. Time for a march on London

    1. +Carson King
      Closeing the country down is impossible.
      London the city voted remain overwhelmingly. If we try to do a protest the
      remainers will ruin it will counter demos.
      We need our friends from the north
      We need the Welsh

  2. hehehe…the globalists are fighting back ..Trump wobt be allowed to WIN
    ..BREXIT Would BE OVERTURNED and the establishments will subjugate the
    world the more ..

    1. Not always true. Quite a lot of the Brexit vote was from foreign born brits
      who grew up and worked in the UK paying their taxes for decades.

  3. I don’t need MPs to represent me in this matter as I have represented
    myself in the referendum. Parliament shouldn’t be supreme over the people.
    They our servants and not our masters.

  4. Goodbye democracy. We will miss u. That’s the final end of british
    democracy. Basically we will get a vote but if the result is not the one
    the elite wanted or expected then it will be reversed. No point in ever
    voting for anything ever again.

  5. Jesus Christ. Brexit II is coming. We cannot let this happen. And the BBC
    journos can barely hide their smug grins.

  6. If Scottish independence referendum had been “Yes” result, it also would
    never have been allowed to stand. Democracy is under attack across the
    western world and the political elite/globalists and their MSM minions
    would rather world war than surrender power to the democratic will of the
    people. That is the sad reality facing us all today and our children’s

  7. They are counting on the general public on being passive. I fear they might
    win and we remain as the average joe couldnt care less.

    1. Cromwell was a traitor to his country I’m afraid and possibly Churchill
      too.. Research them and the Bank of England.

  8. The UK constitution is unwritten. Over a period of time it has been
    accepted that referenda can be held to decide matters of constitutional
    significance. The referendum on June 23 gave the government the ability to
    negotiate our exit from the EU and trigger article 50. This is about trying
    to use Parliament as a blocking mechanism. The people have spoken it is now
    for the government and not Parliament to negotiate our exit from the EU.

    1. The UK does have a written constitution it is called the Magna Carta.
      Sovereignty or absolute power belongs to the people. The queen swore an
      oath at her coronation to uphold the sovereignty of the British people. The
      oath she swore means that she has a ‘contract’ with the British people. A
      growing number of which believe that she has broken that contract (several
      times) including when she signed article 50 for Gordon Brown. (did she sign
      the contract on the dotted line???). Do not believe articles written on
      wikepedia as successive governments have tried to hide the truth from the
      British people. Lawyers and politicians have been trying to reword the
      British constitution and have failed to educate the people for their own
      dubious reasons. Please learn here, http://www.britishconstitutiongroup.com/
      and please visit the UKColumn youtube column which gives a daily newsreport
      which is more accurate then msm.

    2. +Kathy Bates Magna Carta isn’t a constitution. It was an Act of Parliament
      that’s mostly been repealed. Our constitution is unwritten. Send me a link
      to it otherwise.

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