Can Canada’s first female vice-chief of defence staff bring change to military culture?

MPs discuss if Lt.-Gen Frances J. Allen's appointment to vice-chief of the defence staff will change the culture in the military.
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  1. “Every soldier, male or female will be issued an attractive shoulder bag. They can keep their ammo and makeup in it.” ….We need culture change? Why? Who said so? The dung pile is in ascendance.

    1. No, this is the government playing clean up, after both CDS’s and other high ranking male officers are being investigated for sexual misconduct. Therefore the government thinks that having a woman VCDS can fix their problem and bring down public scrutiny. I have nothing against the incoming VCDS, it’s just a shame that Lt. Gen Rouleau has to pay the price, he isn’t retiring I hear though, he’s just gonna be a special adviser to the Acting CDS.

  2. This campfire girl will lead our under staffed, under equipped, pathetic military into total oblivion. The few males remaining will now have to sit down to pee.

  3. We don’t need culture change, we need competence . Unfortunately this not what we are getting.

  4. She’s in for now. Probably, there are stories waiting to emerge about her as well. You don’t get that high without some kind of compensation.

  5. Dear Evan………You really need to start wearing your glasses, when reading from teleprompter. As you look cross eyed when doing so.

  6. The culture in the military has already gone completely woke. I would not want to have some of the “soldiers” of today watching my back in a messy situation….

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