1. Meanwhile the leader of the free world is crying about his loss rather than sucking it up and putting the American people first.

    1. It’s because Commerce has been going the entire time you still have deliveries coming in from all across the country and with that being said you’re going to have Coronavirus also I would like to know that the credibility of Sanjay Gupta is very limited considering he did help cover the fake covid-19 illness that Chris Cuomo had I’m not saying that there is not a real virus I’m saying that Chris Cuomo faked his illness plain and simple and this man gaslighted the situation we also have to put into perspective influenza and all the other strains of coronavirus which infect humans which also tend to pick up this time of year I’ve noticed that the logarithmic graphing for influenza is at a record low and it has been well established that any virus in the same family as the Coronavirus can trip positive test result there are seven strains of virus in the coronavirus family that are known to infect humans and begin human-to-human transmission including SARS 2 any one of those can trip up positive test result so when they say the testing is producing these Mass positivity rates I have to conclude that many of them may not be covid-19 because basically at a 56% positivity rate you’re literally talking 1.3 people out every 3 which would literally mean over half of the state population could likely be probable cases but are being undiagnosed because they’re likely treating it at home the numbers are a little far-fetched I believe as far as the testing goes to put a quite easily interpreted you’re basically talking 56 people out of every hundred getting tested is coming back positive it can’t be strictly just covid-19 remember now they are telling people to go get tested whether you are sick or not

    1. He not just fired, he should be LOCK in jail. He is the most terrible man happen to run America. Enough is enough, this man need to be DELETE.


    3. @Timmy Schnitzel Junk news = Fox, OANN, Newsmax, Breitbart and all the rest in the right wing media echo chamber.

    4. @Chunthavie Lee The Republicans don’t care. If they did they wouldn’t have forced a new supreme court justice and would have been working with the Dems to get that stimulus check out to everyone. Speaking of that, no big businesses should be bailed out this time. It should be all of us including small businesses.

    1. I still don’t think you understand Charles and I’m guessing you are another out of touch affluent white person. A lot of people, myself included believe in the science and I nor should anyone with a brain be questioning the science of the virus. Question is why is the spread so much more than other places. Well we have a failed medical system. If you don’t believe in medicare for all don’t complain about rising cases. Many people like myself can’t afford to say I’m not going to go to work I’m going to stay home and stay safe. Well myself and others can make that choice and we’ll just end up broke and on the street by making that choice. Stop blaming the people for this mess

    1. @Michele Bradley never heard that on fox. I just know he didn’t serve.
      I also have another nickname for him……
      How’s Jim Crow Joe ?

    2. Jerry Marasco ooooo…. H1N1 was such a disaster.. lol, give me a break.
      Half the world is in, and has been in lockdown over this virus. And it’s still spreading and killing like nothing we’ve seen in modern times, even with all of our clean water and hand sanitizer.
      Go back to playing checkers son.

    3. @Michael Riley ???! What ?
      Who’s going to lock me down ? You just named countries not named America.
      Who’s going to make me wear a mask ?
      Not a single person on this planet.
      I’m American not S. Korean. Or did you forget ?

  2. After seeing 700 deaths a day in the spring, I understand why New York has a tight threshold for making such a decision. It’s a very unenviable position to be in to have to make this call.

  3. I’d Like 2See a Map of the Effected Areas with Relationship 2 Trump Rally Visits
    🤔💯👌 I’m Sure There’s Heavy Invection Rates in “Red” States Where He’s Successful in Convincing People There’s Little 2 No Threat💯

  4. Since Trump is in hiding and doesn’t lift a finger to help anyone. I don’t blame any States/Cities that make their own rules. What else are they going to do. The so called ‘War Time President’ is too busy tweeting, playing golf and watching TV!!!!!

  5. Our government has failed us, we must take care of ourselves. Both sides of the government have failed.

    1. Both sides haven’t failed. There is only one president at a time. Lay the blame where it may. Health care worker.

    2. Both sides? WTH does that even mean? There’s no equivalency (false or otherwise). People are selfish & not very bright – There’s no other way to explain acceptance of the foolishness that’s been embraced these past 4 yrs.

  6. Shutting down NYC schools while restaurants, bars, gyms, houses of worship remain open is beyond stupidity. It should be the other way around.

    1. People don’t wear masks while having meals – Restaurants and bars
      People don’t wear masks while working out – Gyms
      People crowd together for worship

      These are known as high risk areas since the start of the pandemic. Refusing to close down these places are a very stupid move. The reason? MONEY!!!!

    2. @Tiffany Gattis US isn’t a socialist country. The word ‘socialism’ scares the hell out of people here…most of them don’t even know what socialism means. That’s why we’re paying the highest price in dealing with the pandemic crisis.

    3. @Razian Amira Of course it’s all about money. NYC is in dire straits due to the pandemic. Children cannot learn remotely and stay home for months on end. Parents cannot work with kids at home either. Not everyone has a remote job. The whole thing is idiotic!

    4. Kids can get COVID. They can bring it home to spread to their parents and grandparents. A lot of grandparents are raising their grandchildren. If the catch it and die, who takes care of the kids?

    5. @Irina Krugler believe me I know I live in a deeply red Republican state where in is not unusual to hear people being ridiculed for wearing a mask or openly yelling about starting a civil war

    1. @kerry nicholls Psychic. I just answered the same question on another post with: “A box of matches, a can of gas.”

  7. So many deaths. So many cases. It almost makes me believe this virus began here undetected, and we gave it to the world. Who would’ve thunk it?

    1. I wish they’d just secede and become the failed state they dream of, while we progressives and moderates can build the prosperous, safe country the USA is destined to be.

    1. South Australia just went into a complete shutdown with 23 positive results in a week. And this is absolutely supported by most of the public.

    2. @PT Pavlos What has become of Americans? My god. Wearing a mask is an infringement on FREEDOM? How stupid! We’ve become a schizophrenic culture: on the one hand, craving the authoritarianism of trump, on the other, demanding irresponsible individual freedom. It’s sick.

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