Canada deliberately supressing housing development a key factor behind inflation: analyst

Carleton's Ian Lee says decades of deliberately constraining housing development is a key reason why inflation remains so problematic.

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  1. That’s why Pierre said remove gate keepers, build more houses, repurpose government unused government buildings for housing.
    “Roughly one-third of Liberal cabinet ministers own rental, investment real estate: records” check the title for news report.
    With Liberal NDP lovebirds ………

    1. You forgot the Conservative politicians in your list. No doubt that was an accident, please add for completeness.

    2. “Pierre Poilievre among the dozens of MPs with rental property amid housing crunch“

      He is an opposition MP speaking for housing affordability. If he actually bring the value down he will be shooting himself in the foot. I respect that aspect. His job is to keep pressure on the ruling party to get things done.

      Ahmed Hussen, minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion, owns a secondary property. But that’s relatively minor compared with the major real estate holdings of many of his Liberal cabinet colleagues. Canada’s politicians are more invested in property than most Canadians.

  2. This is what’s called mismanagement, employees get fired for incompetence, governments should be voted out for the same.

    1. But where are we going to go? It’s extremely hard to move location even if you have the money. Let alone finding a decent and sustainable country to live in.

  3. Boomers and politicians have decided young folk dont matter here. SAVE UP AND LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

  4. A so-called expert who apparently doesn’t know that inflation has one key cause: THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INFLATING THE CURRENCY SUPPLY WITH MASSIVE, SUDDEN, UNSUPPORTED SPENDING.

  5. I could get a more intelligent answer from my dog.
    Jacking Prices Is Inflation and it’s EVIL.

  6. I went to grocery , and prices were much higher then 4.4 , my rent increased..eating out ouch, I’ve noticed , hmm forty percent increase. And , the news on rent price across Canada…up forty. percent. Does anyone go outside their window for information. And ,yes, I do notice that they changed the amounts in the containers, and..some raised there prices, but increased the number in the container, for a high price. Check cold and sinus meds. Instead of 9 dollars … a box, double it…but you get more. Two pks of smokes in one Irving…48…dollars, another gas station thirty minutes away.?35 dollars. I think we are being lied to, or whatever , 4.4 isn’t the right number

  7. Why don’t they just remove from the system all the money they printed during the pandemic?

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