1. I didn’t like questions that Gerard Butts prepared and Justin memorised. Not much of real interest to average person.

    1. Why exactly is domestic security an issue? I think we can all agree that we live in one of the safest countries in the world

    2. @private justin isn’t going to touch my guns, I use them simply to provide for my family. That’s what 90% of canadians have them for. You are pathetic

    1. I wonder how many times he blamed harper during this debate lol deflection at its finest. Honestly sheer is no better though

    1. @RetirementNoir:ATaleOfPruneJuiceAndMurder believing and knowing that Canadians will bankrupt themselves over taxation to cure a problem that other 90% of our trade partners create.

  2. Opening question and all Scheer does is attack someone without actually answering the question, cute dirty politics.

    1. @Rialey Schonwald Not that I’m a Sheer fan but it does need to be pointed out as many will still vote for the criminal liberal.

    2. Scheer is so pitty and all he does is attacking Justin Trudeau to get the votes?Canadian dosent need this guy to be the future leader .Lowsy and such a Joker .No Class.I will not vote this guy for sure

  3. Why is bloc quebecois even a party at the federal level. If they want to seperate so bad (which quebecors don’t) they should try to win a provincial election and do a referendum like they did 20 years ago.

    1. The first time it din’t work, the second they almost, but now they can’t because a lot of immigrant were sent there, most of them would rather vote for the contry that let them come in than helping quebec getting its independence.

      Its like that time when justin trudeau brough a lot of immigrant in the contry and then pass a law so they could vote for him. I am not a quebecker, but I do understand there desire to be their own nation, we canadian did a lot of thing to them in the past, plus they have their own language and culture. But many time i see someone talking negativaly about quebeckers, so much that it became a trend to trash them just because they are different

    2. @PRGSC They don’t even run candidates in all of the provinces (and territories, obviously), why should they be allowed in a federal debate?

    1. if quebec separated they would be charging tariffs on trucks and ships coming in from the atlantic, they wouldnt need them anymore.

  4. I really shouldn’t be watching this, but maybe more brain damage would be better for me, a coma would be nice

  5. Housing costs are at the point of only being for millionaires in Ontario’s GTA. Tiny bachelor apartments for $1000/month plus. We need to elect a party that will take strong action to increase the supply of affordable housing!

    1. This is where I stand! Cost of living for housing and rental properties, not just the GTA but Ontario as a whole is disgusting.

    2. @end me Christian Heritage Party and the Rhinoceros Party are polling lower though, so it’s not actually the lowest.

    1. Why do you think he only focused on Trudeau, he doesn’t have a platform. His only platform is “I’m not Trudeau”. He’s weak (and has a very punchable face).

    1. double down only because you can’t have an opinion without being called mean names! Only the PPC has ideas that stand on merit not pandering

  6. Just so you guys know… Canada plants 2.2 billion trees a year alone… so Trudeau saying 2 billion trees will be planted means basically jack.

    1. Complaining about everyone else does not help either. We must pull our weight. Somebody has to lead. Better to fight and try then choke and leave a nasty and dirty planet with horrible storms. Shrugging your shoulders complaining about others and doing nothing isn’t even a losing fight. It’s cynical surrender. Left or right we all breathe the same air and drink the same water and share the same weather.

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