Canada is the world’s second best country to live in: report

Canada is the world's second best country to live in: report 1


U.S. News and World Report editor Kevin Drew discusses a new report that lists Canada as a top country to live in.


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25 Comments on "Canada is the world’s second best country to live in: report"

  1. Yo amor Canadá.

  2. Bravo Canada je suis canadien je fier 🤣🤣

  3. 7th place?? shouldn’t even be top 10 due to trump.

  4. #2 = poop. greedy corrupt lefty govt keep Canada from being #1 !

  5. Eamon O'Connell | January 16, 2020 at 6:28 PM | Reply

    For immigrants I’m sure. Free everything paid for them

    • Rubbish! Most immigrants i know come with their own savings and work very hard here and pay their taxes. You’re referring to refugees but this is expected, it’s a humanitarian act.

    • @F*CK QUEBEC ur right let them die off that will solve the problem right?

    • @F*CK QUEBEC Everyone in Canada is an immigrant or the descendant of an immigrant, by your definition only the Aboriginals are actual Canadians.

    • @JollyOldCanuck Another thing I’m sick of is these Middle Easterners that come to Canada and claim to be just as much of a Canadian as those who are born and raised here. A piece of paper saying you are Canadian doesn’t make you as much of Canadian then those who are born here.

    • @F*CK QUEBEC Your birth certificate is as much a piece of paper as immigration documents. I get that European countries have unique cultures that they want to maintain, but that doesn’t apply to countries like Canada and Australia, our culture is just a mishmash of other cultures, who cares how many other cultures we mash up with our own.

  6. Come on, no one can beat Swizerland!

  7. Ya sure..about as accurate as the rest of the news…


  9. Give me break

  10. Got to agree Canada is the best place to live

  11. These ratings must be based of religion of pieces gimmegrents because real Canadians aren’t doing well.

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