1. @garry halliday oh gary, you’re still crying about losing the election?? That’s cute, loving two terms of trudeau <3

    2. Trump is the best leader in the world! Americans should be lucky they have a leader like him. I’m Canadian and I want a leader like him

    1. Rubbish! Most immigrants i know come with their own savings and work very hard here and pay their taxes. You’re referring to refugees but this is expected, it’s a humanitarian act.

    2. @F*CK QUEBEC Everyone in Canada is an immigrant or the descendant of an immigrant, by your definition only the Aboriginals are actual Canadians.

    3. @JollyOldCanuck Another thing I’m sick of is these Middle Easterners that come to Canada and claim to be just as much of a Canadian as those who are born and raised here. A piece of paper saying you are Canadian doesn’t make you as much of Canadian then those who are born here.

    4. @F*CK QUEBEC Your birth certificate is as much a piece of paper as immigration documents. I get that European countries have unique cultures that they want to maintain, but that doesn’t apply to countries like Canada and Australia, our culture is just a mishmash of other cultures, who cares how many other cultures we mash up with our own.

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