Canada summons Chinese ambassador over alleged threats to Conservative MP

Former ambassador Guy Saint-Jacques explains what happens when a diplomat is summoned by the government and what the fallout is.

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  1. After the summon, Canada 🇨🇦 should declare him *persona non granta.*
    Give him 24 hours to clean his closet.

    1. So you want war? Maintaining diplomatic relations is how war is prevented.

  2. Omg the liberal govermeny spending the huge amount of money for their work and still action issue after being call on it 🤦

  3. Thank you JAGMEET SINGH for making the threat to canadian democracy possible….
    Official water boy for the liberal party…. Carry that water JAGMEET…. Justin’s thirsty for more power…

  4. CSIS has documented docs about this. Instead of listening to CSIS, all reporters just gossip, gossip, gossip, created a circus.

    1. Gossip can be challenged with defamation suits. So when you say reporters just gossip just so you know that puts them in legal trouble. So no its not gossip

  5. They have to put the dots together + narrow it down to who was Politicly involved from the Canadian side, when + if exposed the verdict will be alarming, leading to a systematic situation that’s currently active + ongoing, + will still continue until the day comes when they are shut down + eventually stopped.

  6. Just a reminder that CSIS has a list of over a dozen names of Canadian politicians who received money from Beijing.

    Whose names are on the list?

  7. Joly probably had green tea and won-tons with him,saying please be more careful in the future,try to run everything through the “ Foundation “

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