Canada was not informed of U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian general Soleimani: Sajjan

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says Canada did not have the 'exact information' of the U.S. killing of Iranian general Soleimani.

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    1. This provocation is pathetic. Bin Salman is responsible for FAR worse… Again, this provocation is pathetic. If u listen to American MSM they’re all PRO war, and hyping up the public for war.. We have seen time & time again – all the lies since the Vietnam War.

    1. Warren − Jason Kenney is no longer the Minister of National Defence. The Trudeau government is in power now.

    2. What is Trudeau supposed to say? stop acting like what the PM of Canada says on this matter has any weight on the global scene, not saying anything and keeping far away from this disaster is actually Trudeau’s best plan of approach.

  1. Mr. Sajjan please resign, you are incompetent and it is obvious to all except the most hard line liberals you do not command respect in your portfolio. Please leave….

    1. I have a lot of respect for his qualifications. He is highly respected, and it shows with the comments I hear from Liberals in general.

    2. Waste of Sajjan’s time, wrong questions, the interviewer wants yes or no answer, wants him to give out details, pushing him to answer questions about decisions that are taking taking in consideration global politics, national safety etc etc. The interviewer wants the answers of an issue that can be the start of a war in a friking 5 minutes interview 🤯

    1. He had to inform Iraq government, after all, it was on their soil. But Congress should have been the first to know

  2. Not a single question was answered!! That’s why some folks get attracted to Drumph eventhough he may put the whole world on fire!!

    1. Pavor – iranias should ask explanations to their national security team, spys, and their intelligence team, how como no one knew that USA was planning this? You should complain to your government !! Why they didn’t not protect such an important person.

  3. Pull all our soldiers back. Why should we put our soldiers in danger when the coalition doesn’t respect our presence there.

  4. This interviewer actually think that he can get details and answers!!! He needs to go back to school, the situation is so volatile that not one is volunteering info or give away plan to follow.

  5. You will be assessing until the end of time because you are clueless as to what you should be doing. Your leader and our leader is MIA…maybe trump sent a drone hit on blackface?? No one has seen him since early December.

  6. Is it true that Justin Trudeau’s brother Sachs works making films for the Iranian government? If so, why in hell would Trump tell the Trudeau’s anything???

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