Canada wins gold in women’s soccer after beating Sweden

John Herdman, former women's national team head coach, reacts to Canada's historic Olympic gold medal win in women's soccer.

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  1. The process this team has underwent to get to this moment is impressive. TRUST THE PROCESS!!! Same to happen with the Canadian Mens team in 4-6 years, with help from some talented youth, and the right building blocks, I see big things happening.

  2. I couldn’t be more proud to be a Canadian 🇨🇦 because of these women!!! CONGRADULATION!!!!

    1. blah… Most unimportant and irrelevant country in the world.

      Canada should join the USA, the greatest country on Earth.

  3. So proud of our women soccer team. They have finally avenge the heartbreak of Rio and London. Tears of Joy…… Go Canada!!!!

    1. Yes, I’m a Canadian gymnast🤸‍♂️👣, and my eyes 👁👁 are full of tears of joy!💧😊

  4. Wow …. I was crying like a little baby when they won !!!! Soooo proud of them , it’s an incredible feeling ! 🇨🇦 is on top of the world !!!

    1. Thank the coach , I knew Canada was going far the moment I saw the coach and what she was doing to Canada . Canada has the best defense in the world and current best goalie .

    2. @Jon Jon I have to agree, looking back on the team’s performance after she started coaching them speaks to her abilities to bring out the best in each team member.

  5. Congrats to Canada’s Women Soccer team for a fantastic win that is more than well deserved!!! So proud for all the Canadian Athletes!!!

  6. Seeing Miss Sinclairs reaction after that final goal brought me to tears. Well done ladies, we are so proud of your journey to gold.

  7. Labbe is an absolute Legend, there had better be a road named after her in her hometown and statue put up in Toronto

  8. I’m proud of these gals!!!!!!! Canadians are behind you every step of the way, for all our talented athletes!!

  9. From losing to Team USA in 2012, when Christine Sinclair scored that hat trick, to winning the Gold medal today in 2021! A great journey for the women’s soccer team. Congratulations, you’ve made all of Canada proud. We The North! 🇨🇦

  10. Goosebumps and tears! This is a big deal. So proud of our keeper, she was a mind screw, Rosso and our number 6 who hit an ICE COLD unstoppable pk. Wow.

  11. Well….as a Swede a can only say that im sad that we lost the final but Canada has a fantastic team so congratulations to the goldmedal.

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