Canada working to get more nations to join diplomatic boycott of Beijing games 1

Canada working to get more nations to join diplomatic boycott of Beijing games


Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly discusses the announcement of a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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  1. “Diplomatic” boycott.

    Oh, wow, politicians won’t show up. The athletes, though? They’re still going.

    Toothless action.

    1. Exactly. Tariff their products, cut off immigration, penalize them for IP theft. There’s a million things we could do to make a statement, but instead our useless government virtue signals as usual.

  2. Small steps everyday to scare the dragon won鈥檛 help bec when dragon fires she engulfs everything. Everyone needs to come together to bring sinister government to account for their wrong deeds and cover up affecting everyone around the world.

  3. this gesture is absolutely useless but that is the type of government we have today. It is really sad what is going on in Canada and the world today

  4. It’s shame to put political above Olympic, 1/3 countries in the world has political conflict with other countries( big or small) this is the reason why world need Olympic.

  5. I support the government and agree with what they are doing but why on earth can she not give a straight simple answer to straight simple questions. She seems to be looking for a trick or something.

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