Canada’s housing market: CMHC expects recession by end of 2022

Canada's housing market: CMHC expects recession by end of 2022 1


  1. Where these analysts live lol.
    Some places already dropped over 20% and overall it is at least 15%.
    We still have high inflation and more rate hikes coming.

  2. Legislation needs to be brought about to build war time homes in mass numbers. Ridiculous that builders expect young families to be able to afford these new builds and expect to live.

    1. Less government the government needs to get out of the way and make it easier for homes to be built.

  3. Analyst probably holds Realtor license. Market is already down many %. Likely hood, 3% per month we will see home prices decline/down by EOY.

  4. Correction means more money for government due to moving, bankruptcy and land transfer tax costs like 50 k per home.

  5. CHMC was calling for dire drops in prices and now only expects only 3 percent drop. This organization is completely clueless, we are in much dire situation now and expect the prices to keep grinding down over few years and drop as much as 40 percent

  6. 2028 is the likely year that is the year the corporate tax cut cuts expire in America. The handle at the racetracks is increasing not sharply decreasing. This indicator has never been wrong which means no recession.

  7. It really is too bad that “Housing prices will fall big time in Canada” stems from simply the fact that it is falling heavily in places like Ontario and Toronto. Seriously? Since when is Ontario representative of all of Canada? BC is probably the best province to live in as far as climate is concerned, and yeah, Ontario is a place that was heavily pumped up for no real reason. I don’t see prices in BC falling all that much.

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