1. There was a Federal Report in 1982 , a 40 year projection on Canada’s Economy that said exactly the same thing. A Royal Commission I think it was.
      Then in 1986, we signed NAFTA and the jobs went out the window.

    2. Just you wait. We are getting close to zero population growth on a worldwide scale. Capitalism is based on growth. We will be around to see the collapse of trade and the starvation of 7.5 billion humans. The Rational Science channel has a lot of videos on our upcoming extinction.

      Enjoy it while it lasts bros.

  1. So… my tax dollars should go in the pockets of businesses and workers that can’t survive in a fair market? No.

    1. @lee mceachern  @lee mceachern  The restaurant sector is demanding continued subsidization that has been in place throughout the pandemic… this is “knee capping”? Only the taxpayers are being damaged, and it should end.

    2. It’s precisely because it’s not a normal market situation that this support is being introduced. Also, note that business supports are normally mostly repayable, like patient zero interest loans. There are far more worthy targets for your ridiculous taxpayer indignation.

    3. @Steve Flemming clearly you don’t grasp economics very well. And don’t understand the supply chain that and all the workers in that chain that will get hurt if these businesses go out of business.

  2. “We’re an industry that deals with single-digit profit margins.” And that’s while failing to keep up with health and safety requirements in most kitchens AND paying workers *LESS than minimum wage*. Sounds like an industry in desperate need of reform if the businesses have to cut corners and pay slave wages just to exist.

  3. There’s too much food waste and non essentials anyways times are changing better off with more self reliance less monopolizing of time and space and better health.

  4. The pandemic is not over and we haven’t lifted all the restrictions across the country. Ontario is expecting to have all restrictions lifted by March. As restrictions are loosened then cut back benefits accordingly.

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