Canada’s top doctor is urging people to get their booster dose as new Omicron offshoot spreads

As the first pandemic-response guidelines of the year were released in Canada, public health officials warned its "too early" to relax COVID-19 measures, noting the spread of the subvariant known as XBB.1.5, or Kraken.

At a news conference in Ottawa Friday, Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam said the country's health-care sector is still recovering, and while levels of influenza and RSV have returned to the seasonal norms, COVID-19 cases still fluctuate across Canada.

"For this reason, it is still important to do everything we can to prevent severe illness," Tam said.

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    1. @Mutley McLaren same here . These reporters are as guilty as ates and the rest of those pushing the experimental jabs

    1. Even without the side effect aspect, Italy’s long-running ISS extended report data shows conclusively that the “vaccines” are a complete dud in terms of preventing COVID infections in everyone under 80 years of age.

    1. Even if there were no side effects, their efficacy in terms of preventing COVID infections is terrible.

  1. I have 6 boosters , and got covid 4 times. How long do i need to take boosters ? I mean my body will react to it someday negatively , I got disturbed heart rate since the intake of my 5th dose, at what point do we have enough boosters?

  2. What a great idea!!! I would love to spend another week in bed and have swollen painful joints again for 3 months. I would gladly give mine to Justin or Klaus.

  3. Even when the mob pulls them from their homes and drags them into the streets for justice they’ll yell “don’t forget your boosters”. That’s dedication comrade

  4. Very few things I loathe more than antivaxxers but even I am starting to wonder if these doctors and the government know what they’re doing.

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