Canada's variant case count 'tip of an iceberg' warn doctors | COVID-19 pandemic 1

Canada’s variant case count ‘tip of an iceberg’ warn doctors | COVID-19 pandemic


Vanessa Lee has the latest on the rise of COVID-19 variant cases across Canada, prompting calls for caution by medical experts.

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  1. These variants came out at the perfect time. Something is off here. Almost as if someone wants this to keep going

    1. Yeah… the problem is david cant handle his weed and is extremely uneducated on virus and pandemics.

    2. @gaslighting only works on you sounds like you are part of the problem. David to me seems like he is using logic. Try it out sometime

  2. 1 Cases are dropping rapidly across the board.
    2 Covid fatigue is spreading
    3 Consent for politicians is dropping
    4 Respect for police is dropping

    1. Respect for police is ‘dropping’? You mean, anyone with 2 brain cells has absolutely no respect for them. They are thugs, very blatantly and clearly at this point.

    2. @Joey Sharp On day 1 said “this will end either peacefully or violently but it will end” and that’s where were heading however I still see war either revolution or civil war within the year. I see war everywhere. WW3 though at the municipal level.

  3. Two more weeks to flatten the Curve. Didn’t they say that a year ago. Just two more weeks just two more weeks just two more weeks. How about you’re fired

  4. I haven’t watched the video but let me guess…”now is not the time get a haircut and visit friends because the variants are gonna getcha “?

    1. @The Awakening Project You are correct… do a video search for: ReichUnderYourNose … your country was stolen from right under your nose while everybody was busy cashing their CERB cheques

  5. Crap. Now there are more of these invisible monsters lurking behind every tree, under every bed, every aisle of small businesses still open that I gotta hide from.
    That’s it. I’m putting on 10 masks and moving in my nearest Walmart. That’s the only way to not get covid

  6. It’s time to end the lock downs get the economy going. And get money and resources into our shifty health care system to deal with this. No more billions to big banks and corporations.

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