Canadian economy is at risk for “hard landing” | CTV’s Quesion Period

Former BoC governor Stephen Poloz and former federal finance minister John Manley discuss what they will be looking out for in the budget.

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    1. You should seem them government workers here in the nations capital. Walking their dogs, going for jogs…working from home…all with mouse jiggler so they show as ‘Online’ while doing the laundry

  1. I thought it balanced itself, I guess that did not work out very well……..Thanks to everyone who voted for this.

    1. ​@Tidbit You have a very solid background in Economics do you?? Or you are totally disconnected from reality.

  2. Reduce the PM protection detail by 50%, and the budget will balance itself, as well as reduce the Canadian carbon footprint by 50%!

  3. All the government and BoC need to make money is a PRINTER AND PAPER ‼️

  4. I hate to say it but, poeple already landed hard when the pandemic did. Now they are just bouncing like a tennis ball till they either bounce & drop, hit the net or someone smashes them again & again & again. 0_o

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