Canadian military finds Chinese monitoring buoys in the Arctic

The Canadian military has found Chinese monitoring buoys in the Arctic. Mike Le Couteur explains what we know.

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    1. Canada couldn’t even provide its own soldiers with air support in Afghanistan; Canada had plenty of mefloquine for them though….

  1. Whatever it takes, just like we did with their balloon. Collect counter intelligence, then remove the pieces from the field of play. Just another day at the office.

    1. it was a party balloon, dummy. you went with what you were told, and by the time the facts were revealed you’d stopped paying attention, cause you can’t afford to

  2. this guy doesn’t look like the Canadian military.
    title should say “guy talks about stuff without talking about stuff”

  3. Why worry about it Our PM hands them everything they want lol Even allowing them to set up police stations in Toronto

    1. You do realize that Canada is NOT the only country where this is going on ? And NO ONE ALLOWED THEM to set up shop !! Get your facts straight !

    1. I can tell you this much you are wrong-there are no South African immigrants-have a look-the S-STANDS FOR SOUTH AFRICA….

  4. Maybe Justin will talk to some reps from there to find out what’s going on, and they will be “extremely strong, and powerful in their denial” and Justin will leave, saying he doesn’t see any reason why it would be them

    1. They were practically our allies as per Trudeau. He dithered on the Huawei decision and we now look like fools in the eyes of AUKUS and NATO.

  5. Those were not attempts as our Dear Leader said. Funds were funnelled into campaigns. That is way past attempts. But be assured any government committee will find no wrongdoing of the government. Canada is lost, I hate to say.

  6. ……… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the Canadians decided he forced a recount in his riding no??? He will always win with dimionin counting!!!!!!

  7. Rule number 1, never trust the government. Rule number 2, always ask questions. When in doubt refer back to rule number 1.

  8. We should have started counterintelligence operations in 2013, not 2023. At this point this is a national emergency.

  9. So since 2022, The Department of National Defence no longer surveils Canadian territory. And now this happens?

  10. No independent sovereign country in the world allows neighboring countries to open fire in its airspace, but Canada is an exception and its leader was so proud of it.

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