1. @DJ Well Dressed Man Why? Liberals are notorious for using deaths for scoring political points. Why should they get a pass?

  1. Natural resources minister……..well then, maybe now we’ll get to use our natural resources and not sell them cheap and import what we need!!….here’s hoping

    1. Then I suggest you vote for someone who works towards the manufacture of our natural resources here in Canada rather than vote for someone who will sell them cheap. The problem isn’t the politician. The problem is the voter. You can choose someone different or you can choose based on some party or savior leader. You can work to ensure others support that person you wish to see in power. Its called a democracy. You vote for the person you feel will do the job.

    1. @Joe Canuck Because “assisted suicide” is becoming more normalized and prevalent in Canada?

      Over 10,000 died last year from “assisted suicides”… that’s like the 4th leading cause of death.

      “3.3 per cent of all deaths in Canada in 2021 were assisted deaths. On a provincial level, the rate was higher in provinces such as Quebec, at 4.7 per cent, and British Columbia, at 4.8 per cent.”

  2. I heard in this clip how nice he was.What did he ever accomplish?How did he help his constituents and country?

    1. Did you miss the part where they said he was a Liberal politician? Of course he did nothing to benefit society.

      Anyway, I wish his family well.

  3. Hate to be a downer on this but let’s be honest, who gives a crap, another person responsible for making the world a worse place is gone. Forgive me while I do a little dance

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