Canadians frustrated over continued changes to AstraZeneca guidelines

For those who got AstraZeneca as a first shot, the message about what vaccine to get next keeps changing.

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    1. @Sonny Johal why? Have you been checking? You should stay out of those public bathroom stalls.

    2. & thats another thing….i think canadians long ago sent the message that they have no confidence in Dr Tam….and yet Trudeau thinks its more important that he doesnt look like he made a bad decision in having Tam in that position by firing her instead of giving canadians a new “top doctor” that canadians are more confident in and more likely to trust and follow his/her advice…if Trudeau genuinely cared about the health of Canadians and wanted more Canadians vaxxed then he would have removed Tam months ago – but what does one expect from a PM who sees a pandemic as an “opportunity”?

  1. Remember when peer pressuring someone to do something they didn’t want to, made you look like an a$$hole ?

    1. @king james488 remember when the government and most members of society — not including Karens — could claim moral superiority over “the church” for that reason?

    2. It still does. Lefties are bat-shyt crazy and normies are ignorant but we tread on. I salute you. o7

    1. I’m watching enter the starz Bright Now a video they post it 10 months ago where they uncovered an American document from the Army regarding future flu pandemics. Unbelievable everything you’re going through is in that document and you think that this has happened naturally and organically no they had to work on it for decades

  2. The manufacturer of AstraZeneca guidelines have never changed it’s our doctors and unnamed medical agencies that are pulling the strings.

  3. That’s clearly indicates that all vaccines are at the experimental stage and the “experts” have no idea what it is going on. Time will tell how effective they are and what side effects will develop!

    1. @Nick Anderson Yes, both the pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors are well protected whatever happened with these vaccines!

    2. @Cary Francis cars technology has been around for longer than 50 years. New models are always full of bugs and problems.

    3. @Cary Francis looks like you may have I ejected yourself with a pathogen,a toxic spike protein that will cause u many issues in the future.thsts coming from one of the scientists that helped develop it. Stay well.

    4. As a person with an underlying health condition, I don’t recommend AstraZeneca. I had a very difficult adverse reaction which affected my health condition, and it was hell to go through. The province has the details; I’ve been told it fits the criteria for an adverse event and I may get another phone call from the PHO. AstraZeneca has been problematic from the beginning and even after this was known, they were still offering it.

  4. Proves the officials have no idea so maybe humans should start using their brains and making their own decisions about their bodies

    1. it also proves that our health officials are more concerned with political narratives that they think covers their asses than the safety of canadians health

  5. Medical experimentation on the population. Crime against humanity.
    Talk about protein spikes and cytotoxicity

  6. “Trust the science,” while changing guidelines every other week and generally just flying by the seat of their pants.

    1. Well if the science shows that the best course of action is to change the guidelines, then you change the guidelines.

  7. the word “Expert” is overly use and used inappropriately for this Canadian government and the ppl in lead…

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