Canadians less concerned about COVID-19, increasingly worried about climate change | TREND LINE

CTV News' Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos discusses the issue at the top of mind for most Canadians – and it's not COVID-19.

Then Michael and Nik break down the political outlook after the election, will NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh or Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole face leadership challenges?

Finally Nik gives his opinion on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's ill-advised trip to Tofino during the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

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  1. The PM burned 5000 litres of jet fuel for his private jet beach day. Nothing says “environment is a priority” better than converting 5000 litres of jet fuel into carbon dioxide.

  2. Nope! Not even worried about COVID. I’m more worried about Canadians being stripped of their rights and freedoms!

    1. @lekker blanka studio so the years of testing they have gotten that proved they were safe don’t count for some reason? no one is experimenting on you. Those experiments were done. The vaccines are perfectly safe. Safer than alot of other things you probably put in your body.

    2. @daveyboy9000 Thanks! I like to think of it as having common sense, but apparently it isn’t too common nowadays.

  3. when the prime minister gives the money from Canadian taxpayers to other countries who cares about corona

    1. “I have yet to consult any research papers from any institution anywhere, or consult a simple google search for that matter”

    2. @Pam Pam literally everything the climate change alarmists have predicted going back decades has not come true

  4. make up your mind.. do we need to worry about covid or climate? .. please tell me so i know what to worry about..

  5. Climate change is the main topic of discussion at family dinners. We all want to know how we can make things cost more money and be less reliable. The future is bright? or… maybe dark?

  6. Quit defending Trudeau’s actions, he again demonstrated empty words and arrogance he’s so infamous for.

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