Canadians say they need $1.7M to retire comfortably | BMO survey

A new survey by BMO found Canadians believe they need $1.7 million to retire comfortably, marking a 20 per cent increase from 2020.

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    1. @maskers areretarded Inflation has always been a variable. Minimum wage is waaay bigger too. Buses used to cost 5 cents and cokes 2 cents. DERP!!!!!

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    1. @Thrill House I literally pointed out facts; so, what exactly are you yammering on about?

      You can’t even differentiate between facts and opinions…..

  2. JT told injured veterans that they are asking for more than Canada can give, then turned around and helped fund a war in another country (non NATO) on a completely different continent……..

    1. @Youtube music Time for another new troll account. I’m sure you think Trump won the election and vaccines are just tracking devices.

    2. The conservatives ended life long pensions for the military and took injured vets to court arguing the country doesn’t have a duty to care for soldiers injured in service.

    1. Depends. Retirement is based on how long in retirement. $1.7 million will give you ~$90,000 a year inflation protected (*) for 33 years. So if you were 65 today it would last you until the age of 98.

  3. $1.7 million is ~ $90,000 a year for 33 years assuming no other income (no CPP/OAS ) using standard interest tables. LOLZ.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 .
    Most seniors get 1200.00 a month and live at half the poverty line .

  5. Retire comfortably in Canada?
    Im retiring in Maine where i can afford a house and i can defend my home and family without being charged with murder.

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