Candidates Spar Over Cost Of Progressive Agenda | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Candidates Spar Over Cost Of Progressive Agenda | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


The Morning Joe panel — including James Carville and Errin Haines of The 19th — discuss the ins and outs of Tuesday's Democratic debate. Aired on 02/26/20.
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Candidates Spar Over Cost Of Progressive Agenda | Morning Joe | MSNBC

69 Comments on "Candidates Spar Over Cost Of Progressive Agenda | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Supernautiloid | February 26, 2020 at 1:04 PM | Reply

    *”Centrist Candidates Lie Over Cost Of Progressive Agenda”*

    There, MSDNC. Fixed that title for you.

    • @question Everyone knows the majority of liberal “males” are BISEXUAL and or HOMOSEXUAL.

    • @question
      Under Sanders, you will be paying for free everything for everyone who wishes to come to the U.S.
      There’s not enough money in the world to cover that.

  2. Susan Turnbull | February 26, 2020 at 1:04 PM | Reply

    It continues to BOGGLE my mind how NO ONE and I mean NO ONE – ever asks HOW we’re going to pay for…overbloated Military Budget – billions going to Israel each month – Corporate Subsidies to mulit billion-dollar corporations – and I can go on and on..

    • @Raptango_NA And best case scenario with you means several hundred billion being added to the deficit. That’s like the best case scenario after being kicked in the nuts is only one ruptured testicle.

      Show me a plan that’s fully funded, I’ll get behind it. But that ain’t Bernie’s.

    • @CJ J i think you’ve misunderstood me. I dont support bernies plan. Are you kidding me? What happens to the insurance industry? Or the hospitals? Do we pay off all doctor student loans? Do we cut military spending? If we do, will canada, europe and japan have to increase military spending because weve been carrying them for 70 years? Maybe, if they had to pay for their own military protection, they wouldnt be able to afford their healthcare systems. Anyone think of this? There are so many problems. But, just by itself, how much do you see taxes going up to fund m4a?

    • @Raptango_NA Right now, it would take $2 trillion. Minimum. Maybe in ten years it’s less, but right now its $2 trillion.

      Raising the Medicare payroll tax to 15%, split, on all workers and all businesses would generate about $1.1 trillion in new money. The rest can be gotten through whatever various ways are needed to wrong it out of the pockets of big corporations and the wealthy. But anyone that thinks it can be done without every single person feeling the hit is a fool.

      The example I use, using round numbers, is currently people pay $100 a month so they only are liable for $3000 of a $10000 doctor bill. Under Medicare for All, they would pay $200 a month and be liable for $0 of that bill. But to think it will go to $50 a month and $0 of that bill is stupid.

      Yes there are savings under M4A. But savings and a massive (largest in US history) tax increase aren’t mutually exclusive.

      You know, we lost the Bernie nitwits hours ago. We’re not gushing about how perfect he is.

    • @Raptango_NA As far as military spending, the entire military budget is only a third of the increase needed for M4A. And, frankly, the military budget is bloated because its turned into a federal jobs program. Why are we building tanks the Army doesn’t need? Because if we weren’t, most of those people wouldn’t have a job.

    • @Raptango_NA Total projected spend over ten years between private and govt spend -52 trillion. Total projected spend on M4A 47 Trillion

  3. Feeling the bern 😂😂😂

  4. Entitlements can be funded out of the same magic pig trough where GOP tax cuts were borrowed from.

  5. What? The “HoW aRE wE GOIng TO PAy for IT?” BS from MSNBC yet again. Pretty close to writing this network off completely. It’s just not journalism

    • @Taylor Windsor They have been asking the question over and over again, almost completely ignoring the many times he has answered. I ask myself why they failed to ask this question of so many other important policies but forget that Bernie has answered it already a bunch

    • Susan Turnbull | February 26, 2020 at 2:07 PM | Reply

      Well on the plus side a nice trend we’ve observed…EVERY TIME Bernie gets attacked on a ridiculous argument…or MSNBC & CNN spew their tired narratives…Bernie’s donations rise and he surges further in the polls…I say bring it on…they’re not too bright to not pick up on that…or too arrogant to think their attacks matter…

    • @Susan Turnbull The DNC has it rigged against Bernie you imbecile 🤪

    • @Tomato Except he hasn’t. The answer he’s given only partially pays for Medicare for All. His plan is severely underfunded.

  6. Your enemy is trump don’t forget it!

  7. Does MSNBC read any study’s or polls when the speak or is this just B.S. I don’t understand what polls or studies they get there Intel from.

  8. Mexico has universal healthcare! And
    the US can’t afford it???

    • @Free Nick Fuentes I keep hearing we’re the greatest country in the world, though.

    • @WeAreIt Here’s what it is in a nutshell: Corporations went overseas because they didn’t want to pay union wages to US workers.. Workers overseas come to the US because they can’t get a living wage for the same reason the corporations left America. The salary of an average Walmart employee in Mexico is about $150 US a month. That’s a starvation wage even in Mexico. It’s not rocket science.

    • @Warren Jackson You have that backwards. There’s even an insurance company in Utah that will pay for your trip, pay for the treatment, and give you $500 cash because you will get better care and it saves them money. How effed up is that?

    • @Non-Humon I think you left out the part about the last tax cut. Corporations who choose to deshore get an additional 50% cut in rate for leaving the country. Way to go, Donald!
      The large offshore profits of the tech and pharma industries didn’t suddenly move to the United States where they would be taxed at 21 percent. Instead, they stayed offshore and were taxed at the global minimum of 10.5 percent. Sort of like one might have expected.

    • But hundreds of thousands of migrants walk straight through Mexico to get to the US. Seems like universal healthcare is not everything.

  9. Medicar For All costs billions of dollars less than what we currently pay. MSNBC knows this fact.

    • @Phil And those other countries have taxes to pay for their plans that are higher than what Bernie proposes.
      Germany has a payroll tax just like our current Medicare payroll tax. Their rate is 7.3% for both employer and employee. Our current rate is 1.45%. Bernie’s plan takes the employee rate to 4%.
      Add up the tax increases Bernie proposes and its less than the estimated cost by more than $1 trillion a year.
      That’s not hyperbole. That’s fact.

    • @Phil Bernie is a communist ☠️

    • @William H And you’re a dumbfuck.

    • @Free Nick Fuentes You do realize Reagan, Bush Jr and Trump ran up the biggest deficits and it was Clinton that had a surplus.

  10. Yeah , I believe some spoiled newscasters over the Yale study on medicare. What a joke you have become.

    • You do realize that any savings just lowers the tax increase needed. And regardless, it requires the largest tax increase in US history.

  11. Smells of desperation. Stop bashing Bernie. He won the popular vote in Iowa and he’s basically tied in SC. I think Joe Biden is a great person, but on what planet do you see him competing in NY, NJ, VA, CA. The writing is on the wall. Keep hating on the progressive movement, it’s going no where. Warren surged, you bashed her thinking ppl would move to Biden?! Guess what she dropped and another progressive surged. People are over hearing how good wall street is doing, progressives get that.

    • Those are NOT f*cking swing states!!! Have you heard of the electoral college?!? It’s this uninformed, unstrategic, magical thinking from Bernie and his supporters that will give us 4 more years of Trump (and the end of bloody democracy). JFC.

    • You think Biden going to lose California?
      Edit to add: I thought you are talking general election not primary, if it was the primaries you were talking about disregard

    • @M M Save the hate friend. Those are not swing states that was literally the point, they lean heavily toward Bernie. The point was no moderate could win in Iowa/NH and maybe even SC. In other words, Bernie is winning left leaning and middle leaning states which leaves no path forward that I see. But maybe I’m wrong. In any case, dial it back a tick or 2.

  12. Seats at this debate cost $1750 to $3300 a pop. So you know the “booing and cheering” are from people who wipe their butts with $20 bills.

  13. Taralya Mcdonough | February 26, 2020 at 1:24 PM | Reply

    Anytime Carville is giving his analysis, I’d rather pass! This guy has no hope, only fear!

  14. Zedonk Califas | February 26, 2020 at 1:28 PM | Reply

    I’m so sick of this Louisiana Swamp Thing coming to land simply to attack Bernie.
    Pathetic Hack along with Joe and Mika.

  15. James Carville is a political hack

  16. Scrambled Eggs | February 26, 2020 at 1:35 PM | Reply

    They keep putting James Carville on TV like he’s supposed to sway someone. He looks like a crack head standing next to the fast food drive thru window waiting to ask you for spare change.

  17. II nosferatu II | February 26, 2020 at 1:39 PM | Reply

    Bloomberg paid the audience it’s so obvious 😂😂😂 people who tried to get into the event even said they would have had to paid thousands to the dnc just for a seat. Wonder who bought all those seats…………hmmm

  18. Someone please let James Carville know that the South Carolina goodwill called and wants there clothes back ! Lol

    • That would be “their” not “there.” And your effort at a joke? I don’t think anyone called to ask for that “joke” back!

  19. James Carville said Obama wasn’t electable and Hillary would win in a landslide in 2016. If I was this bad at my job I’d be fired by now, and he’s still on tv

  20. Does Carville know that we have the internet, I think the last 30 years passed him by. Best he sit this out because he is so out of touch.

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