Capehart to Trump: If You Want To Make America Great Again, Leave | MSNBC 1

Capehart to Trump: If You Want To Make America Great Again, Leave | MSNBC


Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and more Republicans are called out, in the wake of the Capitol insurrection by a pro-Trump mob, by Jonathan Capehart in his weekly analysis, ‘The Bye Line.’» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Capehart to Trump: If You Want To Make America Great Again, Leave | MSNBC


  1. Remember all those politicians who voted for a coup, all those who could have said something but didn’t, remember those who opposed freedom and the constitution. THEY MUST GO!

    1. @Deborah Szczesniak Trump is our Law & Order* President.

      * Policy void for friends & family, war criminals, and Mar-a-Lago members.

    2. @Ian Thompson
      Banned from what? Did you succeed in censoring me? Cheating is always an option… I would say good win, but…

    3. @ttunacc You are a fool and just basically a jerfoff. You will never run into someone more tenacious than me. You try to intimidate me. Not only will you be banned but expect police at your door. DON”T ever threaten someone especiall on a forum that can be EASILY traced. You messed up big time fool. expect a visit soon.

    1. @Dee Cee glad to hear you are a republican. I really don’t like anything the left is about. I am from a le family and the left is all about the criminals. Good day to you my friend

    2. @Kevin J
      Kevin, I think you need to calm down a little. I feel like you’re going to burst into all caps any minute now. I admire your passion but just take a minute to gather yourself and thoughts.

    3. I dont think rhetoric will help.
      Simply do justice under the law. Dont argue emotively or they will derive purpose from opposing you. Treat them as SIMPLE criminals. Which they are in all senses of the word

    4. @bill Morrow um so what does that have to do with rampaging mob of criminals attacking seay of government based upon propaganda spread by power mad outgoing president? At a rational level-the level where countries survive- this is indefensible. A mob like that, if they took over, would soon turn to judging each other as traitors. The simply lack the capacity to govern a nation state. Politics is far from perfect and to work REQUIRES compromise.
      That’s why these types of views are unconscionable and antithetical to real government of a modern nation state.
      Compromise is necessary. Thats why Trump is not fit to lead the USA.
      military “win or lose” thinking is not useful to effective politicians.
      Unless they want a civil war.
      That would end the USA.
      your external enemies will pounce.
      The USA has bombed 25 plus countries since WW2 and destabilised and overthrown and exploited and bullied many more.
      You think they have forgotten?
      If the USA wants to survive, it can only do it United.

    1. @RedondoBeach2

      What do you think of lawmakers who publicly state Trump and/or his supporters ought to be roughed up?

    2. @Biffalo Bull Only the Department of Justice and other government agencies have authority at this point. Any individual who stoops to the level you described, would only be lowering themselves to the same level as the alleged wrongdoers and put themselves in legal jeopardy. We the people have a responsibility to be good citizens. We’re first and foremost responsible for our own actions. If we ever find ourselves in the middle of a situation where immediate action is necessary to do the right thing in that moment because time is critical, then yes, people should make a split second judgement call on taking appropriate action. However, there’s no room for that after an incident has already occurred. At that point, the appropriate government agency will takeover and others should backoff. The only way in which a person should get involved is if they have information they can share with government authorities in order to help them conduct their job.

    3. @RedondoBeach2

      Glad to hear you don’t approve of damage to person or property regardless of the perpetrators politics

    1. @Sharon S im Australian.
      Dont don jr and his daughter now have political ambitions?
      Just think they can be a political dynasty who carry your country down into its final ruin

    2. @Remey Momma God has little care for Trump. God will use the turmoil created to raise up new awakened people through suffering and redemption.

  2. 0:47 agreed. NONE of these people deserve the honor of the title “Senator”. They need to go with Donald Chump.

  3. This was coup and should be treated as such. If you let them get away with this they will be successful the next time!

    1. It was not even the “bloodless coup” that is sometimes referred to. Five deaths makes it a very bloody coup indeed.

    2. They had too much fun egging on the Hong Kong protests, which was fanned by conspiracy theories also. Cruz and Hawley went to Hong Kong and claimed there was no violence on the protestors’ part. They were hailed as heroes for their lies. Now they fail trying to do the same thing in the US.

    1. Best late night comment. The GOP Senators didn’t see this coming. They’re all a lot of not-sees.(Kimmel)

    2. @Hiking OR Sorry people are tired of one conspiracy theory after another. It’s been going on since the traitor trump took over. People like you have cried wolf too many times. You’re getting tuned out by the entire world except those in the cult.

  4. Enough of this two-tiered justice. They need to expelled from Congress and then arrested for sedition. Examples need to be made.

    1. @Joan Van Trier They run half the country right now and have failed miserably. Are you telling me their going to start fixing everything now, what were they waiting for?

    2. @Mr Deplorable2020 it would have been containd months ago if republicans fidnt call it a democrat hoax and refuse to ware masks and social distance insted you held super spreader rallys and caused the deaths of thousands the blood is on yours and trumps hands every last drop

    1. “Never understimate the power of large people in stupid groups”

      —– Zolfram The Instigator

  5. Trump and these Republicans never wanted to make America great again – they only wanted to make themselves richer.

    1. And don’t forget,” white “.
      They think America belongs to any one person. Racism is like a magnet that draws like minded people together. All are racists like their master. GOD will judge all of you who believe that Trump is a “law and order” individual who is capable of making “America great again”.

    2. @Evette Fernandez Not buying that. I personally know one of the people who was involved in the illegal movement of money from Iran to the Contras. There were no drugs involved. He escaped prosecution because under his lawyer’s advice he said he was doing to write a tell all book. Suddenly the charges were dropped and after Reagan left office Reagan paid off his mortgage. The guy was an international banker. He is proud of what he did.

    3. @Rush Blue 1. I’m not scared of a bunch of soy boys and plastic lego equivalent “anarchists.” 2. Since when did this have anything to do with race?

    1. I knew that and that was a good thing but they r not good now this should of not happed no one needed to die or get hurt no matter what side ur on

  6. If that Donald Trump wants to make america great again get impeached again and get locked up behind bars.

  7. “Patriotism means to stand by your country, patriotism does not mean to stand by the President”~~ Teddy Roosevelt

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