Capitol Riot ‘More Sinister And Dangerous’ As Time Goes On | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Capitol Riot ‘More Sinister And Dangerous’ As Time Goes On | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC's Kasie Hunt discusses the Capitol Hill riots and says “as terrifying as it was to watch in real time, this attack was more sinister and dangerous than many initially believed." Aired on 01/11/2021.
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Capitol Riot ‘More Sinister And Dangerous’ As Time Goes On | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Abram Carroll am talking trumps own personal swamp,covid swamp,lies swamp,an what ever else comes out in next 6months swamp

    2. @genWill Derby
      I liked very much what you said for every bit of it is true. Wish you were leading the men of honor who are the real patriots

    3. @wudangmtn Dont hold your breath remember what happened at Kent State University and if it means putting a few 5.56mm Air Vents in Billy Bob so be it

    4. This is mild compared to BLM & Antifa’s burning, looting & killing hundreds for 8 month. Biased Media praising Dem..Bye Cheaters

  1. As an American you now have a clear choice… you can be a patriot, or you can be a Trump supporter. You cant be both. Donald Trump has done more to destroy democracy than Bin Laden ever dreamed possible.

    1. ​@Henry Hudson Trump supporters are the enemies of democracy. You know what wasnt a conspiracy? watching the President of the United States attempt to overturn an election and incite a violent coup by spreading lies about a free and fair election. If you are a Trump Supporter… you are a traitor. period.

    2. @B McGuyver Do you now assume that I’m a trumpuppet, as I call them? If so, you’re wrong. I’m not any party’s puppet, because I AM a Patriot. With that said, I agree with everything you just said in your last comment to me. However, I voted Biden/Harris to remove trump/pence, not because I think they’re the best choice.

  2. Every unauthorized person that entered the Capitol Building should be charged, convicted, and jailed for a minimum of 10 years.

    1. This is mild compared to BLM & Antifa’s burning, looting & killing hundreds for 8 month. Biased Media praising Dem..Bye Cheaters

  3. The ex military and police forces all over the country planned and attacked the capitol in an attempt to take out democracy via murder.

  4. If he is not held to account, America would have Utterly relinquished their position to advice ANY country on how to Govern.

    1. This is mild compared to BLM & Antifa’s burning, looting & killing hundreds for 8 month. Biased Media praising Dem..Bye Cheaters

    2. Yes, the world is watching. Not many around the world knew how bad he was until this insurrection. Now that this happened, most people found out– at least in my country.

    3. @Tom I there are much greater enemies than him. Take a look at the broader picture on what really incited this. It wasn’t Trump’s words, there are much greater forces at play that lead them to that point.

  5. These are the same folks that would hang you for burning a flag in protest. They’re quite happy to decapitate the duly elected government with it.

    1. For those who have never read the flag code. The proper way to dispose of a US flag that has been violated, like when a president drools on it or the flag pole upon which it rests is used as a spear, is to burn it. Fire is the purification which restores honor after defilement.

    2. I saw a remade flag with trump on it and was disgusted at how anyone thought it was okay. And reading some of the trumpets comments , it’s not about patriotism and Americans but feeding the ego of a man desperate to be a dictator.

    3. @Angel Lopez I dont think he wants to be a dictator, I dont think he has the intellect or the balls to actually be able to rule like a true tyrant. He just likes to see how far his fans will go to rub his eggo, he just likes being their #1, that part he has down, but to rule with an iron fist, he can’t do that

    1. @SPO For the president to support the attempts to subvert the court decisions is high treason. The military do not support the president (as they would in a shithole country) they are beholden to the constitution. You’re on very thin ice even openly stating your position.

    2. @xDarkxArenx Strange that a tyranny would allow the only person able to destroy them to win the election in 2016, don’t you think?

    3. @xDarkxArenx They are all hypocrites. Did they forget what happened the past summer? The looting, the burning, the battles with the police? This is nothing.

    4. @Joe Jewhurst Looting, arson, and assault of police officers are all crimes, regardless of the cause (if any) the perpetrator represents. Doesn’t matter if its racial inequality or vote fraud. Doesn’t matter if I think its a real problem or not. Are you prepared to say the same?

  6. And yet these lunatics are being charged with only misdemeanors… well at this time anyway, I’d imagine more charges are coming for some

    1. These are holding charges, as additional evidence is found other charges will be made. Anyone with a weapon will be charged with a felony. In any case most of these people are now unemployed (if they weren’t already), capitalism does work.

    2. Aside from being black listed, some might spend jail time but they will lose certain freedoms that we all take for granted on. Such as employment, business and career opportunities, friends and relatives, social media, bank loans etc…

  7. There is frankly no difference between Trump and Bin Laden: they both urged their members to attack the symbols of the United States

    1. Would you be talkin about a Confederate monuments to Confederate generals that fought to keep slavery in America? Is that what you’re talking about. are you one of those persons that was flying the Confederate flag marching along with neo-nazis that tried to have a coup d’etat the other day at the Capitol called themself supportive of Donald Trump?
      What symbols are you talkin about be pacific

    2. Only in Lib america is Bin Laden kinda looked at as a potential hero compared to Trump

      You cross-dressing gender benders are losing your minds, and losing my freedoms

    1. @Joe Zamecki yes and with Black lives matter also. This I don’t think would have happened if they didn’t just do nothing to the Black lives matter when they rioted burnt down business and killed police.

    2. @Donzi That’s so odd. I’ve promoted BLM and it was fun and peaceful. I never wanted to overthrow the government. How can insurrection be so…ok to you?

    3. @Joe Zamecki well I hate to break the news to you Joe but when BLM was doing what they were doing that was an uprising against the government which is insurrection. Is no different the only difference is the Democratic party ignored it and let it happen. Now that it’s Trump supporters it’s insurrection. This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. Trump face a committed insurrection by saying to the people go to the Capitol peacefully. However Harris said she wanted the people in the streets riding burning and tearing it down and they never claimed insurrection. Everybody in this country has lost their minds. It’s truly remarkable when you can’t stand either side and you watch what’s happening.

    4. @Donzi Have you thought of asking Trumpers if they are stronger than BLM or Antifa? Just say, “Some folks think you Trumpers are strong and number in the millions. Other folks think that a stronger force on the streets is Antifa or BLM. Which group should the government watch out for? Which group has more potential to get things done? Then hear about how they pride themselves on being the strongest civilian group around. See their flags. See the iconography. Learn about the “Brown Shirts.”

  8. Everybody that touched/stepped foot inside of the capitol building should be deemed terrorists and thrown in prison for the max amount of time.

  9. According to most psychologists, it takes a minimum of 2 years for adults of a cult to recover mentally from brainwashing

    1. @Noslack Mo you are a deplorable clown fascist. Enjoy your imaginary “friends” and your “winnings”

    2. @Karen McClure and your post is the type of stuff that makes actual conservatives recoil from dem policy.

    3. @Juli Gotshal unline you, I do not have an ilk. But being maligned by the reality impaired is a type of praise. Thank you!

    4. It’s going to take a very concerted effort at every level to deprogram them. It’s been going on for decades, not just last 4 years.

    5. they can do that in jail, then spend the rest of their lives in jail as Domestic Terrorist, and preach the gospel according to their newfound enlightenment to the rest of their neighbors in cells.

    1. @Donzi Your right. It broke my heart as well. You could bet ur life I would protect my family regardless who you are and which party you belong to! You bring harm to me you will get harm.. But to harm innocent people for no reason, WELL I don’t feel sorry for those people.

      Remember not all bad out there. It’s some people that bring the bad Name to the Group with violence

    1. coward GOP will still not have the spine to impeach and bar this guy from office, mark my words. America is going down if they still refuse to punish him. Every time they refuse it gets worse. Think if they had removed him the first time in 2019 before COVID! Just think!

    2. close: Go find 11,780 votes is sedition. Still a horrible crime though, and trump is clearly guilty of that

    1. This is mild compared to BLM & Antifa’s burning, looting & killing hundreds for 8 month. Biased Media praising Dem..Bye Cheaters

    2. Nixon did some stupid stuff and had no class but he served in the military during WW, was qualified for the job, and was NO TRAITOR. He resigned for country first. He’s looking better all the time.


  10. Cruz, Hawley, McCarthy and many others in the GOP as responsible for this terrorist attack as Trump himself.

  11. So-called “Patriots”, using the American flag and flagpole to brutalize the Defenders of a Constitutional body.
    It’s not just a cult, it is a sickness!

    1. Yep!! Democrats are insane!!! Thank god Special forces confiscated 15 laptops during the protest proving election fraud, and Hunters Pedeophile pics are horrendous, and showing up on the web!!! 7 months of riots from ANTIFA and BLM. 60 deaths, over 1000 fires and businesses burned, as the left encouraged it!!! WEVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE GLOBALIST PEDEOPHILE SATANISTS TRYING TO RULE THIS PLANET!!!

    2. @lynne baker Was sent to me on messenger by ritired Crnl Potter My messenger went bananas last night. Also the followed Dominion servers back to Italy. I was told they’re conducting raids and arrests and at least part of the military is behind it. I was sent Pedeophile pics of Hunter that are absolutely disgusting. If its really him, its going to come out for sure. Also talks of Martial Law imminent. Hit me up on Troy Cote Facebook, blue redsox pullover with a big bass. Ill send everything I recieved.

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