Car Burns In Washington D.C. Amid George Floyd Protesting | MSNBC 1

Car Burns In Washington D.C. Amid George Floyd Protesting | MSNBC


MSNBC’s Garret Haake reports from the scene of a torched car in Washington D.C., two blocks from the White House, amid protests over George Floyd’s death.

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Car Burns In Washington D.C. Amid George Floyd Protesting | MSNBC


    1. stewy meerkat im not racist, i love everybody in every skin or race. They may have different atmospheres, but that doesn’t make me racist for feeling that way! I have black aunts and siblings and i treat them all with major respect. I am also half spanish but you dont see me saying i hate spanish people or blacks do you? no. I love diversity, and seeing people killing people with a different skin or a different culture just because they dont like them is disgusting

    2. @lppoqql Asians rarely stand up for themselves in a strong collective voice that reaches the public when they are faced with overt racism. Their silence has always been a problem..

    3. The message is NOT LOST
      We need to ask the question WHY!
      Who started this…

    4. @Alonzo Shorter Shorter asians die in the hands of cops all the time. It just never gets news coverage because their votes dont matter. Black issues get coverage because they have voting power

    5. Josh Segal omg I didn’t even notice!! I am actually crying dude ill continue to support this they deserve justice to

    1. @C Butler,
      Everyone involved from from the cops, the victim, the city and the State are all democrat/union/Liberals what does the President have to do with it?

    2. We’re going to build a BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL with a BIG BEAUTIFUL POWERFUL DOOR. I can’t BREAVE

    1. ThreePalmsII so true. They must pay for their stupididy. They got ears but they cant hear when a human cry for precious oxygen.

  1. Well the great one said he was a war time President, I didn’t know it was war against America.

    1. Damian Quintana : Within, happen, to secure and enforce the new monarchical royaL Estate.
      (Im talking bollx)… but

    1. He and many like him are the greatest looters. They loot the economy everytime they get a bailout. So let the government bail out the businesses and structures destroyed. It’s collateral damage. But the message must get across.

    2. He actually might After he’s voted out, serious amount of proof documents to get him locked up for a long time, and if you haven’t heard of the Lincoln project, they’ll see to it!

  2. Why isn’t Trump holding a press conference for this he did for his plumbing in the white house .

    1. @Mahogan e-mic artifacts and Democrat’s America is angry and scared that the cop will walk away from this because it’s happened so many times before all races all parties are fighting for justice.

    2. @Traci Schmidt that’s what’s going to happen if he’s reelected because maybe it’s because of the 100.000 dead Americans or the way he praises himself patting him self on the back because there’s only 100.000 dead are you serious what he’ll is wrong with him

    1. @Kevin McNeilTime for that “Swamp Rat with a Wig” to find a new place to live after January 2021……dah

    2. @brmillgr Yes, time is short for the “Swamp Rat with a Wig” in the White House. He better start packing cause he will be out after January 2021.

    3. @Gevowavemagnet,
      Everyone involved from from the cops, the victim, the city and the State are all democrat/union/Liberals what does the President have to do with it?

  3. Maybe the corrupt politicians will listen now, we’re tired of the systemic racism, militarized police forces, school to prison pipeline, women being kidnapped and murdered on reservations… change is past due.

    1. They’d take y’all more seriously if you didn’t create riots, riots never helped anyone.

  4. Corona Virus hit America millions lose their jobs overnight and Republicans gave trillions of dollars to corporations and tell the American people to kick rocks. Colin Kaepernick protested Police brutality peacefully and was demonized by the right and Police. Enough is Enough! America is WOKE!

    1. Thing is Colin did it during the national anthem disrespect to VETs he shoulda did it at towards end of game or something not in the midst of respecting vets

  5. Now it’ll get ugly – only since Trump feel’s like it effects him; therefore, he will have to exact his “revenge”.

    1. firefox5926 : Ever heard of Kent State? . . . This IS Trump we’re talking about? I’d rather not, “see him try.” He’s lost the elections, clearly. Let’s hope we can drag him out of the White House without blood?

    2. @Ash Roskell Bankrupts a country just like he did himself over & over again. Classic definition of Insanity. This time however, a whole country pays for it & pays for his golf trips…

    3. @j s no this is just uncomfortable and unnerving. It aint ugly yet. Get ur popcorn if they dont surpress the acivities in the next 36 to 48 hrs

  6. This is what you get when u have a president who advocates for partisanship. You get a divided nation

    1. Probably there’s a problem with your society at its core. One that focuses on greed , individuals rather than society and hubris.

    1. @Lyn Ryall Donkeys are actually very intelligent. They get a bad rap. Might be better if you said one-celled organisms. I get your point though.

    2. yeah not the democrat mayor or governor, it was the president he controlled that police department!

  7. So Kaepernick taking a knee was really wrong…Racially polarizing… Chauvin “taking a knee” is perfectly okay? – No outrage from the RepubliKKKans for what this scum cop did?

    1. @evol1 I think you mistook me for Governor Northam. Don’t worry, I realize we “all look alike” to you.

    1. agreed nothing to do with outsourcing the manufacturing industry. Trump killed detroit, and he did NAFTA and he moved everything to the third world for the 1%.

    2. If you don’t like trump as your president the LEAVE America,if any of you were in his shoes I’m sure you would not want to deal with burning buildings,war,meetings,and last but certainly not least racism.He does SO much more then what’s on the news p.s

    3. This is the dumbest comment and you have no idea you think this is trumps fault oh my goodness you literally are so ignorant

  8. I always knew Trump would fail as president,
    I just never imagined that the failure would be on such an enormous scale.

    1. Look at the political status where the issues are occurring, its democratic not republican and the inner cities where seeing a record # in minority employment under Trumps assigned policies. Maybe do some research first, just a thought.

    2. @abe licon Educate, work smart not just hard, ,teach your kids to be better off than yourself using both tools. However the democrats preach that certain groups inhertantly cannot do this on their own , must be given help which is an insult. the policies breed hatred and resentment for those with wealth. America is not for free you get what you put in .

    3. Trump has not failed and is going to be elected 2020, can I have some details for your stupid claim. Trump 2020

    4. The governor of Minnesota did nothing to those pigs for what they did he escalated the issue by not charging them all … he is a Nazi racist of Minnesota

    1. sitting on welfare then looting while blaming your opposition. That would make America great.

    1. Among the last words of Floyd, he called his mama. A man can only do that when the situation is truly hopeless. The white cop is clearly a white supremacist.

    2. We’re going to build a BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL with a BIG BEAUTIFUL POWERFUL DOOR! I can’t BREAVE

    1. @Snow Flake As I said, i`m disgusted by both police violence and racism. But as I said, putting fuel on the fire doesn`t help anyone. I wish the officers get the punishment they deserve, but I know as a fact that they can only get a charge stick if they can prove it.
      I can assure you that the protests are being watched around the world, and most sympathize with the protesters. But the violence and looting are being used to shift focus from the real issue: racism.

    2. @Snow Flake Violent protest gives racist inc. US chapter the right to shut down the protests by using violence. That is just what they want. A non violent protest they can`t shut down without showing their racist self. See my point?

    3. @bob bobbenTotally agree with you. But understand why it’s gotten out of hand now and any crackdown on the violence is going to be seen as authoritarian even if it’s warranted. No side is going to win in this. And Trump can’t even step up and take hold of the situation.

  9. The Clorox Clown is POWERLESS in a real crisis like this, but whines and rants a lot on Twitter.

    1. The real black face, are you talking about the wall that the wind destroyed. It had to made of sticks and Preschool glue.

    2. @drumpf is bad,
      #1 Many, many American minorities especially are perpetually out of work
      #2 illegal immigration
      #3 Extremely unfair relationships with china
      – This is the amazingly 3 prong approach of one of the greatest Presidents in American history!, President Trump!
      – WTF is your problem with helping Americans live a better life?

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