Car sent flying into the air after being hit by a tire | CAUGHT ON CAM

A dash cam caught a spectacular crash when a loose tire sent a car flying in Los Angeles, and the driver escaped without major injuries.

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  1. Then, to add insult to injury, the same tire comes up behind them and hits the back of the vehicle! Wow! 😮

  2. Wow I guess that means all drivers must do safety check on their vehicles before driving too to keep everyone safer on the roads

  3. Those look like custom wheels added to the truck by the owner. He could be liable for the accident if the wheels do not meet the specifications for the truck or they were mounted incorrectly.

  4. It made me think of super mario cart where you can throw stuff like turtle shells or banana peelings at your opponents if they try to pass you. I expected to see a bunch of coins fly out of the Kia.

  5. that was terrible, worse part is you never know what’s out there when you getting on the road players for everyone involved

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