Car with wood through windows in Texas hits sign and SUV, keeps going | USA TODAY

A hit-and-run in Temple, Texas was captured on video involving a vehicle with wood hanging through windows that hit a sign and then an SUV.
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  1. My derp, does someone expect that wouldn’t hit y’all in da road. Some people these days.

  2. Suppose to go on top of the car tide down and the boards straight not sideways lol.. Or just put them in back of a truck ๐Ÿ˜…

    1. yeah, never let those people, or the new mattress people, get in front of you on the hi-way

  3. So close, though..right? Almost missed that sign…and that SUV. Well done man!

    1. If he had stayed in line with the other cars, instead of driving around them, he MIGHT have made it … lol

  4. Just too funny !!! … “So Tim “the Toolman” Taylor (Home Improvement) needs some baseboard molding, and …. “

  5. Actually this gives me an idea. I only live less than a mile away. I could get down the main street during slow traffic and into the subdivision easy.

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